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Bed Bug Removal in Plant City, FL

BBE: Plant City Bed Bug Extermination Experts

Plant City has a rich, exciting history. After all, it is the global capital of winter strawberries. Living here is a fantastic experience, with a subtropical climate that ensures we enjoy that typically amazing Floridian weather. However, one problem that can catch any Plant City resident off guard is the consequence of this beautiful weather: bed bugs in Plant City!

At BBE, we regularly deal with Florida residents across the Tampa Bay area and beyond. We help them deal with bed bug infestations of all sizes, from small infestations in a one-bedroom property to large-scale infestations taking over commercial enterprises. Bed bugs are naturally drawn to the wonderful weather and density of Plant City, which means running into problems with bed bugs is common.

Indeed, it is estimated that around 1 in 5 Americans have dealt with bed bugs at one point. With over 40,000 residents in Plant City, this means that around 8,000 of our fellow Plant City residents have had to deal with the discovery of bed bugs.

If you want to eliminate the problem, you need expert support. You need assistance from trusted experts who can professionally remove bed bugs.

Bed Bug Exterminator Plant City, FL

We Provide Extensive Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs In Plant City

The easiest and most effective way to wipe out bed bug contamination in a Plant City property is to use heat treatment. BBE uses a proven heat treatment method known as Heat Assault. This is the premier solution for eradicating bed bugs most efficiently and humanely. Reaching temperatures of around 145F wipe out bed bugs at every stage of their lifespan.

Heat treatment is effective because it wipes out bed bugs in a way that avoids the potential for some to survive. While other therapies and DIY heat treatments might only kill off some infestations, our Heat Assault solution kills them all. That means no younglings survive, reducing the risk of reinfestation greatly. Heat Assault also requires fewer follow-up treatments and contains no chemicals.

This means you do not have to worry about evacuating your home or closing your business in Plant City. Instead, we use an effective and proven treatment that rips through the bed bug population and leaves them unable to fight back.

With a guarantee of a minimum of 60 days of peace from bed bugs, BBE can give you the help you need to get rid of a bed bug infestation exactly as you require.

Why Rely On BBE For Removing Bed Bugs In Plant City?

We appreciate that Plant City residents have multiple choices when dealing with bed bugs. We also understand that you might want to know why you should rely upon our expertise over alternatives. At BBE, we have built our name across the state of Florida by focusing on delivering:

High-quality work that is backed up by proven results to remove bed bugs in Plant City

Experienced staff who follow a proven process that gets rid of bed bugs en masse

Punctual and professional bed bug experts who are transparent about the process

Detail-oriented staff who never cut corners or take risks with our bed bug heat treatment

Modern treatment methods that are shown to be extremely effective at dealing with bed bugs

Pest control specialists with affordable, transparent pricing so you know the full cost involved

Discreet arrival and usage of heat treatment for bed bugs in Plant City so nobody has to know

Peace of mind with a guaranteed minimum of 60 days peace from bed bugs in your property

Plant City home and business owners can rely upon BBE to eliminate pest problems immediately. Once we get to work, we use a proven process to help deal with bed bugs of any size or scale.

Bed Bug Treatment Plant City, FL

The Proven Five-Step Process For Eliminating Bed Bugs In Plant City

Over the years, we have become the premier choice for bed bug extermination and removal in Plant City. We have honed a technique that works, using a five-step process to wipe the bed bugs out as soon as possible. The five-step process that we employ for all bed bugs includes:

This process has worked for us when dealing with bed bugs, whether we find them in a home in Antioch or a business in Walden Lake. We use a proven five-stage solution that captures the bed bugs, overpowers them with Heat Assault, and leaves you free from the headache that bed bugs can bring.

The Need To Know Facts About Plant City Bed Bugs

At BBE, we believe that knowledge is essential when you want to deal with pest problems. With that in mind, we want to arm you with every detail you need to know about bed bugs so you can stay safe. Before contacting us to eradicate your bed bugs in Plant City, here are some key facts you need to know about bed bugs, such as whether they spring up in Morcizville or are bothering you in Knights.

Are Bed Bugs A Danger To My Health?

This is the first question we always get asked: are bed bugs in Plant City a danger?

The good news is that, no, bed bugs are not a dangerous species in terms of carrying illness. They will not infect you with a virus or a condition that makes you feel ill. They will, though, leave you with continuous bite marks that are painful, annoying, and easily infected or irritated. As such, you need to pay close attention to bed bug bites, as if they become inflamed or infected, they might need medical care.

Generally, though, bed bugs are not something that you need to worry about making you ill. They can be a danger to your health, though, by reducing the quality of sleep you get. That is a danger, as low sleep quality can lead to fatigue and problems elsewhere.

As such, to avoid this problem, you should get rid of bed bugs in Plant City as soon as they appear.

Why Are Bed Bugs Targeting My Property In Plant City?

We understand that it can feel like bed bugs are specifically targeting your home. Does this mean your house is dirty? No. It simply means that bed bugs have found a way in. They are a hardy, crafty, and invasive species that can quickly build up their numbers from a small starting population.

Bed bugs are naturally drawn to Plant City for various reasons. For one, the weather here is incredible. The people of Plant City benefit from a near-tropical climate, with just about every month providing a mean temperature of 64F and above. This is perfect for bed bugs. Throw in those humid and hot winters and the mild winters, and there are few better places for a bed bug to thrive than Plant City.

The weather is perfect, but so are the economic conditions. Many people in Plant City work jobs that require them to commute often to other parts of the state or the USA. Travel is one of the most effective ways for bed bugs to travel between properties. As such, many people inadvertently bring bed bugs back with them from a business trip or when traveling around the country.

Sadly, the conditions for bed bugs in Plant City are almost perfect. This is why you need to take action as soon as you discover bed bugs.

Can I Stop Bed Bugs Getting Into My Property?

With an average property value of around $183,751, Plant City is a place with property worth protecting. The average rental rate is around $2,700 per month, too; if you own property that you rent out, having bed bugs can damage your reputation. The same goes for business owners: customers or guests finding bed bugs are not likely to want to use your business if they find bed bugs crawling around!

No, the good news with bed bugs is that they are not interested in eating your property. They do not even eat the fibers of your bedding, clothing, furniture, etc.

Instead, bed bugs want one thing: your blood. This means that while they will not chew through your floorboards or weaken your foundations, they will persistently drain your blood. The property damage that a bed bug causes is to your own body. This makes removing them a priority for sure!

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs In Plant City?

The first sign is that you have come across pests in your home that are not eating away at your flooring, carpets, etc. Very few pests invade our property and focus only on the residents. If you find that you are spotting any of the following signs, you probably have bed bugs in Plant City:

Locating small bite marks on your skin that go in a straight line or a zig-zag cross pattern on your arms, backs, legs, and other accessible areas

Finding small droplets of blood appearing on your furniture or bedding: this is a sign that you have been bitten during the night, and blood was drawn

You might even find fecal matter – small brown stains – appearing on your bedding, flooring, and furniture; this is a sign of bed bug infestation

A rich and musky odor that lingers in the air and is hard to ignore and mask. This is the natural scent of a bed bug infestation building up

While rare, you might even find egg shells or molted skin from some bed bugs lying around the place – especially on your bed or around your furniture

Lastly, a clear sign of bed bugs is seeing something move around on your bed or furniture. Give the bed or upholstery a hit; if something moves, you probably have bed bugs!

Spotting even one of these issues shows you have bed bugs in Plant City. If you have one or more of these signs appearing, then it is time to book a bed bug inspection with BBE. The sooner we confirm their presence, the quicker we can get to work on getting rid of those bed bugs once and for all!

Bed Bug Removal in Plant City, FL

Will Bed Bugs Move On Over Time? Can I Ignore Them?

No, unfortunately not. Bed bugs are not the kind of pest that moves on to bother someone else. Why? Because our properties give them access to what they need: a steady blood supply. They are not here to eat our wood or anything else; they are here to suck blood. The bed bugs have no reason to move on if people are present. This is why we need to take action to kill off bed bugs, or they will stick around.

Are you thinking of trying to starve out the bed bugs? You are out of luck. A single bed bug can create hundreds of eggs in its lifespan and can go up to around 100 days without eating. So, this would mean finding a way to starve each bed bug for several months. Waiting out a bed bug infestation is not likely to work, unfortunately.

Can I Kill Bed Bugs With Chemical Treatment? Why Should I Avoid Chemicals?

We never recommend that you look to fight off bed bugs in Plant City with chemical treatment. We believe this is one of the least effective methods you can employ for killing off bed bugs. On top of that, chemical treatments use damaging chemicals that are not good for the environment and come with the lingering risk of the need for fumigation.

Most importantly, though, chemical treatment for bed bugs in Plant City is ineffective. It often requires multiple applications, meaning numerous times having to leave your home or shut down your business. It also rarely kills off a whole infestation; given the survivability of bed bugs, they can easily avoid chemicals until they have dissipated. This means chemical treatments often provide short-term results with the long-term likelihood of the infestation returning.

What About DIY Treatments For Bed Bugs? Can I Buy Store Solutions?

Again, we do not recommend this. Most store-bought or simple DIY solutions are ineffective. They might limit the numbers and ‘thin the herd’ for now, but bed bugs breed at such a rate that they will return. Most treatments only kill the surface layer of the infestation; you need something stronger.

We also do not recommend renting a heat treatment for bed bugs in Plant City. These are often ineffective and weak, not providing the level of lethality we need from heat treatments for bed bugs. We recommend that you hire our team to deliver Heat Assault to ensure that an effective, proven solution that is strong enough to overcome the bed bugs’ resistance to heat is used.

Common Queries About Plant City Bed Bugs

We regularly speak with our clientele about bed bugs so they understand exactly what they are dealing with. Want to know more? Then, check out our FAQs below and our comprehensive guide to bed bugs in Florida.

Do Bed Bugs Come Out At Night Only?

No, while they are most active during the evening, they are still present during the day. Bed bugs wait until someone is asleep (most commonly at night) before biting.

Do Bed Bugs Appear On Other Surfaces?

Yes, we regularly find bed bugs invading everything, from baseboards to furniture and upholstery. Despite their name, bed bugs can get anywhere in your home or business!

Can I Stop Bed Bugs Getting Into My Property?

While prevention is almost impossible, we recommend covering up your suitcase or luggage with a protective cover when traveling and doing the same with your mattress and bedding. However, outside of regularly washing any clothes, bedding, and upholstery, avoiding the arrival of bed bugs in your Plant City property is almost down to luck as opposed to anything you can do.

If Bed Bugs Love Heat, Why Use Heat Treatment?

As Floridians, we are all partial to the amazing weather this state provides. That being said, heat treatment is different from simply having warm weather. By raising temperatures to 145F plus, we ensure the bed bugs are treated to a level of heat they cannot bear.

Can Bed Bugs Cause Allergic Reactions?

In unlucky circumstances, yes. While bed bugs are not known to transmit disease or illness, some unfortunate people can be allergic to the bite and thus need medical treatment. Keep an eye on any bed bug bites you receive for potential reactions.

I Cannot Seem To Kill Off My Bed Bug Infestation. What Do I Do?

If you have tried typical solutions you find online or are recommended by others, call the professionals. We can work on getting rid of your bed bugs on your behalf, saving you from having to do anything other than let us get the job done in the most timely manner possible.

End Your Bed Bug Problems With Expert Support From BBE

If you live in Plant City, you live in a truly beautiful part of the country. Whether you reside in Antioch or Trapnell, work in Turkey Creek, or spend time in Moriczville, you might have a problem with bed bugs. Sadly, this cannot be avoided – bed bugs are a species that are naturally drawn to Plant City.

So, when the problem appears, you need to use proven methods of treatment for bed bugs in Plant City. That is where we come in. At BBE, our Heat Assault solution will ensure that everyone in Plant City can look forward to getting rid of bed bugs once and for all.

No matter where in the city you are, contact us today to discuss what we can do for you. Once we understand your situation and have investigated your property for bed bugs, we can use Heat Assault to end the problem in a timely manner.

With a guaranteed minimum of 60 days of peace from bed bugs, once we treat your property, you can look forward to ending the problem!

Contact the team at BBE today to make sure that your property can be cleansed of bed bugs. From an old house built before the 1970s to a five-star business with a reputation to uphold, we remove bed bugs similarly. No matter the infestation’s numbers or severity, we can deal with issues accordingly.

Do You Want Freedom From Plant City Bed Bug Infestations?

If so, then you should contact us today to arrange an investigation. We will evaluate your property as soon as we get started to ensure we bring enough Heat Assault to do the job efficiently. Once we get to work, you can look forward to rapid results that leave you without worrying about bed bugs for a long time.

We are proud to say that we serve every part of Plant City, including key neighborhoods such as:

We cover EVERY neighborhood, though, so you have nothing to fear about being outside our range. If you live in Plant City, we can service your property. This means that we cover all ZIP Codes in the city, too, including:

  • 33563
  • 33564
  • 33565
  • 33566
  • 33567

Outside of these ZIP codes or even in a nearby city or town? Fear not, we can still help you. We cover all major areas in and around Plant City, including cities such as:

Whether based in Plant City or nearby, contact BBE today to discuss the most effective solution to your bed bugs!