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St. Petersburg Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed bugs are undoubtedly one of the most challenging problems to get rid of in a St. Petersburg home. These resilient, nasty critters hang around long past their welcome and can become a nightmare to kill off. With 1 in 5 Americans dealing with bed bugs or knowing someone who has them and with an increase in bed bugs across the country everywhere, from our homes to our workplaces and hospitals, taking action NOW is so important!

With around 261,000 residents in St. Petersburg, about 52,200 of us in the St. Petersburg area have dealt with, or know someone who has dealt with, bed bugs. Whether you are one of the many young people starting a career in St. Petersburg or looking to help keep your place of employment clean from bed bugs, such as anyone in the hospitality sector, we are here to assist you at BBE.

Resolve Matters ASAP With St. Petersburg Bed Bug Heat Treatments

If you want to keep costs down when dealing with bed bugs, we can provide you the easiest way. By offering a St. Petersburg bed bug heat treatment, we deliver a service that works to remove bed bugs from your home in the most efficient manner possible.

Rather than relying upon inefficient electric heaters, we utilize Heat Assault, a bespoke bed bug solution that can reach temperatures as high as 145°F. This works efficiently to wipe out bed bugs, destroying bed bugs and those still within their eggs – all within hours.

Compared to the underpowered impact of electric heaters that you can rent, this stops bugs from escaping. In turn, this stops bugs from that same brood returning. You completely remove that infestation by destroying all bed bugs in your home or business. Only a new infestation can bring back the problem – with our St. Petersburg heat treatment for bed bugs, you can resolve matters ASAP.

Why Choose BBE For Your St. Petersburg Bed Bug Service?

We understand that if you wish to remove bed bugs, then you need a service that you can trust. Whether you want to rent the heat treatment yourself or are a company looking to bring in our Heat Assault specialist for bed bug treatment, we offer you a service that includes inspections and heat treatment when required. Why, though, should you choose us to make sure that your property stays safe:

We are discreet. We use unmarked vehicles and personnel, so nobody has to know you have a bed bug problem or are using our services!

We are experienced. The team at BBE has been working in the St. Petersburg bed bug treatment industry for years – we know what to do and when to take action.

We respond quickly. If you are looking for a rapid solution to bed bugs, we always endeavor to get back to you ASAP so you know a solution can be implemented.

We guarantee results. We offer a 60-day guarantee when our Heat Assault bed bug treatment is used in St. Petersburg. This offers much-needed peace of mind.

We work quickly. If you want to ensure the job is done to a high standard, use our treatment – we offer a rapid, effective bed bug treatment service in St. Petersburg.

We are local. We not only work and operate in St. Petersburg, but we also have staff who live here! We care about the local community and want to help you see results.

We are transparent in pricing. The price we give you for any bed bug treatment in St. Petersburg is affordable, transparent, and free from expensive add-on costs.

We minimize collateral damage. By using non-toxic therapies, we reduce the risk of potential damage to your property, the people within it, and your pets by avoiding chemicals.

Bed Bug Treatment St. Petersburg, FL

Our Six-Step Process To St. Petersburg Bed Bug Treatments

When you hire BBE as your dedicated bed bug solution in St. Petersburg, you want to know what you are getting for your money. Working across St. Petersburg, from Downtown to the Shore Acres, Snell Isle, Tierra Verde, Maximo, Shore Acres, and the Historic Uptown and Old Northeast, we provide support across the entire area.

To ensure the best job is done every single time, we focus on a five-step plan that guarantees results and consistency. To provide the most effective bed bug treatment in St. Petersburg, we concentrate on:

Bed Bugs In St. Petersburg: The Facts You Need To Know

There are some vital facts about bed bug infestations in St. Petersburg that you should know before consciously choosing to eradicate the issue.

How Do I Know That I Have Bed Bugs In St. Petersburg?

At around $297 per square foot on average, your property in St. Petersburg is a costly undertaking. As such, you want to ensure you can do everything you can to keep that value high. Therefore, closely examining telltale signs of bed bugs in St. Petersburg is important. Some of the most common signs can include:

Small bitemarks appearing on your skin that you are unable to explain otherwise

Bitemarks that appear on your back, arms, and legs, in particular

Small droplets of blood appearing on your bedsheets and your furniture elsewhere

Small egg shells being found – these are the signs that bed bugs have hatched

Rust-colored spots appearing on your beds; this is a sign of squashed bed bugs

A noticeable smell or odor in the air that hangs around – usually quite musky

Visible bed bugs moving around – rare, but can be seen when infestations peak

Bed Bug Removal in St. Petersburg, FL

When you start to notice problems like this, it might be time to reach out for support to resolve the matter. Through an investigation and thorough check of your property, the BBE team can determine where your problem lies. Then, we can put the most effective bed bug heat treatment in place via DIY applications, heat treatment rental, or by applying the therapy ourselves.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into My St. Petersburg Property?

Whether you are trying to remove bed bugs from your house or your business, how they enter your property is often the same. Bed bugs are sneaky and can find ways through even the smallest cracks in your baseboards or flooring. Most commonly, bed bug families move into your home via nearby properties.

However, bed bugs can also travel via things like our clothing or our luggage. For example, if you have stayed in a hotel with bed bugs, they could ‘hitch a ride’ on your clothing to your home. It can also come from buying second-hand furniture and clothing.

The sooner you work out where the infestation has come from, the better. Regardless of how the bed bugs arrived, their extermination should be your priority!

Are Bed Bugs In St. Petersburg Dangerous?

While bed bugs are unlikely to cause long-term damage, they harm your health and well-being. Being constantly bitten overnight as you sleep is only going to cause you to suffer from a poor quality of sleep. After all, bed bugs are’ micro predators,’ and the bites they produce can be very painful if you are awake.

Bed bugs feast on our blood instead of our structures, so you do not have to worry about them damaging your home by eating through floorboards, wood, structures, etc. – it is your health you need to worry about!

Enacting a St. Petersburg bed bug heat treatment ASAP should be your priority.

Why Are Bed Bugs So Common In St. Petersburg?

While bed bugs have grown versatile enough to thrive in almost any location, many properties in St. Petersburg suffer because so many homes were built during the post-war rush. From the 1940s to the 1960s, St. Petersburg saw a huge boom in its housing district, with over 43% of homes built in that timeframe. While new homes are still susceptible to bed bugs, older homes can be even more so.

Of course, St. Petersburg is one of many Florida cities with this particular problem. Many cities in Pinellas County and beyond have bed bug problems –it is a nationwide, even global, issue. Nearby towns like Clearwater and Tampa also suffer significantly from this issue. Why does Florida, in particular, suffer? Bed bugs are drawn to hot, humid locations –ironic, given that heat treatment is so effective!

Still, bed bugs love this weather and will reside here in massive numbers. As we all know, cities across Florida – from St. Petersburg to Palmetto, Largo to Seminole, and far beyond – are major tourist hotspots. People come to Florida to make the most of that amazing climate, especially in the warmest months. This means they often bring bed bugs back to their cities and states.

Given that St. Petersburg can enjoy an average of 361 days of sunshine annually, it is no surprise that people come here. The city’s location, on the Gulf of Mexico, allows for stunning weather of 76°F on average. So, St. Petersburg, in particular – and its surrounding cities – are ripe for bed bugs!

Only 10% of homes in the St. Petersburg area were built between 2000 and the modern day. Therefore, ensuring your property can be saved from bed bugs makes sense. Bed bugs are found in almost every country, but they tend to be most commonly seen in homes with cracks in the walls and baseboards and between properties. Therefore, St. Petersburg can be a hotbed for bed bugs.

It is not just St. Petersburg that has a bed bug problem; just 3% of pest control companies in the USA have dealt with bed bugs at least once in the last year.

Why Do I Need To Take Bed Bugs Seriously?

With an average property value of $393,081, St. Petersburg residents should do everything possible to avoid damaging the value of their property. Especially when undergoing a home sale or a property evaluation for your business, having bed bugs hanging around will drastically reduce your value. Whether you own one of the single-family detached homes, which make up more than half of the residences in St. Petersburg, or a high-rise apartment complex, you want to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible.

The longer these critters fester, the more likely they will become a serious problem for you. Not only can bed bugs being present hurt the value of your home, but it could also hurt the reputation of your business. Anyone staying in your hotel and finding bed bugs will likely inform the world via reviews and social media.

Therefore, a bed bug heat treatment service can help reduce your property value or your potential for income via rental or hospitality.

Why Should I Not Use Chemical Treatments For St. Petersburg Bed Bugs?

You could, but it has been proven that heat treatments for bed bugs are far more effective overall. Chemical treatments come with some pretty common issues, including:

The use of chemicals that might be damaging to the environment

The risk for contamination that can come from DIY chemical treatment

The collateral damage of a child or pet ingesting some of the chemicals

The need for regular follow-ups to get rid of the bed bug infestation fully

The risk that certain life stages of bed bugs survive chemical treatment delivery

Therefore, we do not recommend chemical treatment for bed bugs in St. Petersburg. The best thing you can do is invest in chemical treatment, which will likely eliminate the problem. Heat treatments impact ALL ages of bed bugs, not just adults.

By contrast, chemical treatments can be infamous for not killing off the younglings or for leaving behind eggs that soon hatch and start the cycle anew. To avoid that problem, the best solution is to turn to heat treatments for bed bugs in St. Petersburg.

Heat Assault Treatment St. Petersburg

Are DIY Treatments Effective With Bed Bugs?

Not really, unfortunately. You could waste much money trying solutions you have found online or over the counter in department stores. Most of the time, this might give you the appearance of bed bug removal. For example, the treatment might kill off some of the numbers. It will not kill off all the bed bugs; they will simply return when more come out of their shells (literally).

With that in mind, you should avoid wasting valuable dollars on DIY bed bug treatments in St. Petersburg. Most of the time, these will only offer very short-term clearance of the pests. Instead, relying upon more comprehensive bed bug treatments like our heat treatment programs is better.

Frequently Asked Questions About St. Petersburg Bed Bugs

Are you dealing with bed bug troubles and want to understand exactly what you are against? Use these FAQs to your advantage:

Can I Stop Bed Bugs from Getting into My Home Or Business?

It is unlikely that you can stop them from getting into your home or business completely. Bed bugs find their way into properties in all manner of ways. To help reduce the risk of bed bug infestations, you should do things like:

  • Put protective coverings on all of your luggage when you are in a hotel
  • Do not put your suitcase or luggage on the bed – this is primed for invasion!
  • Always double-check the hotel room that you are staying in before you settle in
  • Look for small stains that might show a sign of bed bug infestations, past or present
  • Give anything that you bring home – such as luggage or new furniture – a thorough wash

How Do Bed Bugs Get Around?

Most of the time, they will travel into your home via furniture or luggage. Then, once inside, they will move between the rooms in your home via the pipes, the floorboards, and even your vacuum cleaning system.

Can I Starve Bed Bugs To Kill Them?

Good luck with that! Bed bugs can last for as long as three months without food. This is why other non-heat treatments are so ineffective; they can recede from the danger zone, wait months for food, and then return when you least expect it.

Where Should I Look For Bed Bugs?

While the name implies that these critters stick to your beds only, that is not the case. Bed bugs can appear almost anywhere you imagine – furniture, upholstery, carpets. Anything soft is a common place for bed bugs, but so are places like gaps or slits in your baseboards or even behind your electrical equipment. They do get everywhere!

Will Bed Bugs Make Me Sick Or Hurt Me?

They might hurt you through painful bites that they inflict on your body. However, there is no proof that bed bugs carry any disease. However, if you scratch the bites they lay on you, it could cause some inflammation and potential infection. Keep an eye on any bites received.

Why Will Bed Bugs Not Go Away? I Have Tried Everything!

We feel your pain. However, the bed bug is an elusive creature that can easily move from one part of your home to the next and never stay in one place. If you have tried the usual DIY treatments, you are likely only killing a small handful of the adult populace, leaving the younglings to take their place.

Do Bed Bugs Mean My Home Or Business Is Dirty?

Not! Even spotless, five-star hotels and brand-new homes can suffer from bed bugs. If brought in from another location, bed bugs will find a place to live in almost any property in St. Petersburg. So, do not take the presence of bed bugs as a sign that your property is dirty.

Can Bed Bugs Survive In Heat?

While heat treatment will kill off bed bugs of all shapes and sizes, they are hardy creatures that can survive even in the Florida heat. Therefore, do not rely upon natural heat treatment: you need something that takes the heating level up to wipe out bed bugs.

How Can I Learn More About Bed Bugs?

Knowing your enemy is half the battle, and we recommend that you check out our comprehensive guide to bed bugs. This breaks down everything you need to learn to fight off these bed bugs and eliminate the problem without worrying.

Bring An End To Bed Bugs In St. Petersburg Today

If you have bed bugs, waiting for them to move on is not an option. Bed bugs will feast on you for as long as you allow; the only way to get rid of bed bugs is to eradicate the problem at the source. Sadly, most DIY and ‘professional’ treatments fail at long-term removal; the best solution is to use heat treatment.

It does not matter what part of St. Petersburg you might reside in. You could live on Harbor Isle in Crescent Heights or the Historic Old East. It does not matter where in the city you are; if you are dealing with bed bugs, you need an effective treatment. That treatment is our Heat Assault heat treatment, reaching temperatures of 145°F to help remove the pests from your property once and for all.

From Downtown residents to Placido Bayou and Tierra Verde business owners and everyone in between, we can help you!

Remember, bed bugs can appear anywhere that has furniture and upholstery. They are as likely to occur in a museum as in a 5-star hotel. It has even . Bed bugs do not care about cleanliness but about finding sustenance through blood. With that in mind, it is important to remember that bed bugs do not mean that you are unclean; it simply means that you have been the unfortunate victim of circumstances that brought bed bugs into your property!

The sooner we act, the sooner we can resolve matters.

Ready To Resolve Your Bed Bug Problem?

Contact the BBE team today if you want to invest in heat treatment to kill off bed bugs. We can inspect your property in St. Petersburg for bed bugs. We can provide heat treatment to kill them and offer DIY heat treatment rental services in St. Petersburg. This means that you can eradicate the problem for as long as possible.

St. Petersburg is home to many great neighborhoods, including the likes of:

St. Petersburg Bed Bug Treatment

Whether you are based in any of the above neighborhoods or elsewhere in St. Petersburg, we are here to help you resolve any issues you are facing. We also cover all ZIP codes in the city, including;

  • 33701
  • 33702
  • 33703
  • 33704
  • 33705
  • 33706
  • 33707
  • 33708
  • 33709
  • 33710
  • 33711
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  • 33714
  • 33715
  • 33716
  • 33729
  • 33730
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  • 33733
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  • 33736


  • 33738
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  • 33742
  • 33743
  • 33747
  • 33762
  • 33784

While you can do nothing to stop another infestation from starting, heat treatment kills off all present bed bugs. This removes the current risk of infestation from spreading, but it also eliminates the potential for the present bed bugs to stick around. While new bed bugs could arrive one day through their traditional means of travel, this at least eliminates the bed bugs you have present today!

What about if you are just outside of St. Petersburg? Don’t worry, we serve both all of St. Petersburg and surrounding towns and cities, including (but not limited to):

Bed Bug Services St. Petersburg
Bed Bug Services St. Petersburg