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If you own a retirement or nursing home, then you understand how important a clean environment is. Each resident of your retirement or nursing home has to feel like they are living in a safe and sanitized environment. That is why, at BBE, we take bed bugs so seriously when they are discovered. Such properties cannot survive the reputational damage of bed bugs being found on-site.

Bed bugs are a dangerous, common pest that we often associate with dirtiness and decay. While bed bugs are as likely to appear in a stunning 5-star hotel as they are in a warehouse storing furniture, people do not appreciate their presence one bit. When we find bed bugs in our property, it is completely natural to assume that the property is dirty – despite the facts saying otherwise.

The last thing that you want, though, are residents saying that your property is dirty or damaged. You want families to feel like they can leave their family members with you and feel confident they are being properly looked after. That is why, at BBE, we offer a comprehensive service for removing bed bugs for the long-term. By using powerful heat treatments for bed bugs, we can end this problem for you.

Quick, non-invasive, and without the need for follow-up appointments, there are many reasons why heat treatment is the way to go. To get rid of bed bugs for the long term, contact BBE today!


Why Is Retirement Or Nursing Homes With Bed Bugs A Problem?

To be blunt, the reputational damage of having bed bugs in your property is hard to recover from. Nobody would appreciate staying on a property where bed bugs reside. Guests who end up being bitten by bed bugs could become infected or hurt from the bites, including the risk of allergic reactions. Complaints stemming from the presence of bed bugs are likely to lead to a negative reputation for your firm.

This can lead to everything from losing guests and finding it hard to get new residents to legal action being taken. As such, it is vital that any retirement or nursing homes with bed bugs take immediate action to address the problem. As soon as bed bugs are found within the property, everything that can be done to help contain the issue should be carried out. Then, you should contact our experts for further advice.

The BBE team can then carry out a comprehensive review of your property, looking for bed bugs in your retirement or nursing home. As soon as bed bugs are discovered, we take action.

Using Chemical Treatment For Bed Bugs In Retirement Or Nursing Homes

We often speak to owners of retirement or nursing homes, and they tell us that they have tried to use chemical treatment for bed bugs. However, in our many years of dealing with these pests, we have found that chemical treatment for bed bugs are rarely effective. They are expensive, time-consuming, require multiple visits, and need for the whole retirement or nursing home to be closed down for treatment.

On top of that, the treatment rarely works. Chemical treatments often kill off the base layer of a bed bug infestation before more return in the near future. Bed bugs regularly hide from chemical treatments, with some of the infestations waiting until the chemicals have dissipated before returning. Given that one single bed bug can produce hundreds of eggs in its lifetime and can go months without food, returns happen.

Bed bugs then reappear a few short weeks after the treatment was administered, resulting in the problem happening again. This means that, for the most part, chemical treatment in retirement or nursing homes with bed bugs is ineffective. You will spend lots of money to receive a treatment that does not eradicate your problem while bearing a significant cost financially and environmentally.

By contrast, our heat treatment for bed bugs in retirement or nursing homes removes bed bugs for a minimum of 60 days. With heat treatment, only re-infestation brings the problem back.

What Does Heat Treatment Do To Bed Bugs?

With the heat treatment that we use, Heat Assault, bed bugs are put into an unlivable situation. You might have heard that bed bugs cannot sustain themselves in a warm environment. While they are resilient and love the humid weather of Florida, bed bugs can only so much heat. With heat treatment, we bring the temperature up to around 145F; this is too much for the bed bugs to be able to sustain.

The end result is that the bed bugs begin to die off en masse. Since heat treatment impacts ALL bed bugs, too, even the young hatchlings that would have led to reinfestation are killed off. This is also a treatment that, unlike chemical treatment, is not environmentally damaging. You do not have to worry about the environmental cost of making your retirement or nursing home free from bed bugs.

Heat treatment is effective and can often be completed in a single trip. Other treatment options usually require numerous follow-up appointments, leading to multiple closures of your property. Since we raise the heat of the building to suit the number of bed bugs, too, we avoid using a form of treatment that could come with collateral damage to residents, pets, and guests alike. This is why heat treatment is our go-to.

We know that it can provide you with the end result you want: no more bed bugs in your retirement or nursing home!

The Five-Step Process To Removing Bed Bugs Anywhere

At BBE, we regularly deal with bed bugs everywhere from local households in Florida to businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries. As such, people turn to us because they want to hire someone they know can do the job they want in a timely, professional manner. They want an expert involved that knows what they are doing. They want a guarantee that the problem – bed bugs – is dealt with in full.

From household to retirement or nursing home, we have a five-step process. This process is vital to us, as it always leaves the people we work with free from bed bugs once and for all:

This five-step process is the solution we use to deal with bed bugs anywhere we find them. If you believe you have bed bugs in your retirement or nursing home, contact us for an inspection.

Why Choose BBE To Remove Retirement Or Nursing Home Bed Bugs?

We understand that you have many options to pick from when selecting an expert to handle your bed bug problem. The reasons why we come so highly for bed bugs in retirement or nursing homes, though, include:

  ✔ We have a team of specialists who have worked together for years. Our professional rapport means that we can work quickly, quietly, and efficiently to resolve the problem

  ✔ At the same time, we make sure that you always feel like you are working with people you can trust. Our professionalism is matched by our punctuality and transparency throughout

  ✔ Our team understands that nobody wants to advertise that they have bed bugs; this is why we use low-profile, discreet arrivals to reduce the risk of anyone finding out about the issue

  ✔ Since we work quickly without cutting corners, you can look forward to your bed bug nightmare being a thing of the past within a much shorter period of time than before

  ✔ Our prices are fair and transparent, making it easier for retirement or nursing homes to know exactly what their bed bug treatment is going to cost

  ✔ By using heat treatment for bed bugs, we make sure that you see results that give you complete confidence that the problem is dealt with

  ✔ Our treatments offer a minimum of 60 days of freedom from bed bugs; generally, only a new bed bug infestation being brought into your retirement or nursing home can restart the issue

Our team is trusted by retirement or nursing homes all across Florida to help deal with bed bugs, no matter how large or how numerous. If you are looking to rid your property of bed bugs once and for all, reach out to us today. We can begin an investigation and bring the issue to an end ASAP.

Why Are Bed Bugs Common In Retirement Or Nursing Homes?

There are several reasons why you might have bed bugs on your property. Thankfully, none of them have anything to do with cleanliness or conditioning. Bed bugs are attracted to one thing and one thing only: locations where there are ample supplies of blood.

Sadly, due to the nature of a retirement or nursing home, there are always people available to rest who can be fed off. And with the large number of people coming in and out of a retirement or nursing home, bed bugs can be easily brought into your property without anyone knowing. For that reason, they are a blight that has to be taken extremely seriously if you want to stop the problem from worsening.

Bed bugs are very common within the world of retirement or nursing homes due to the sheer volume of people. The large number of connected living quarters, too, makes it easy for bed bugs to move from room to room, feasting on your guests for as long as they want. The fact that your retirement or nursing home will contain so many beds, as well as the comfortable conditions, makes them perfect for bed bugs.

These creatures will be happy to stick around, too; you cannot really wait out bed bugs when you run a retirement or nursing home. The number of people, as well as the conditions and environment, are the ideal places for bed bugs of any size. For that reason, you should take their presence extremely seriously.

There is no way to wait out a bed bug infestation simply; they will be present for as long as you allow. That is why you should make contacting BBE for support and solutions a priority.

Can You Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering Retirement Or Nursing Homes?

Unfortunately not. Bed bugs are so resilient and travel-hardy that they can easily be brought in by guests and visitors alike. A few bed bugs can easily attach themselves to our luggage, upholstery, furniture, and even clothing. One bed bug produces hundreds of eggs across its lifespan. So, the problem will soon multiply, even with just a few bed bugs being brought into your retirement or nursing home.

So, prevention is almost impossible. While you might turn to solutions like using mattress covers, regular deep cleaning of rooms, sealing of cracks, and use of luggage racks to prevent bed bugs from getting onto bedding from luggage, there are no guaranteed ways to stop bed bugs from entering our property.

And with just a few bed bugs needed to quickly begin an infestation, there really is no benefit to waiting around. Simple changes like using metal furniture over wood can do something; but once bed bugs are in your property, they will quickly multiply and make the only option available comprehensive removal.

Do You Have Bed Bugs In Your Retirement Or Nursing Home?

If so, you need help from BBE. You need proven, effective treatment that can eradicate the bed bugs and leave you free from this problem starting today. You need a solution that is active, effective, and likely actually to work. To avoid the reputational damage of bed bugs, you need a solution that you can trust.

That is why our heat treatment for bed bugs in retirement or nursing homes is so desired. Contact us today to discuss how we can put this treatment to good use on your property, and we can bring the issue to an end for a minimum of 60 days.

Contact us today to arrange an inspection of your retirement or nursing home. Once we know where you are based, we can get to work on eradicating the issue and leaving you free from bed bugs.

The sooner we get started, the sooner you can go back to having happy guests and positive reviews!