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Bed Bug Services for Property Managers

Are you the owner of property in Florida that you rent out to people for residential or commercial purposes?

If you are, you will know the trouble insect and pest infestations can cause you. Unfortunately, you have likely had to deal with a pest problem at one stage, be it termites, ants, cockroaches, or bed bugs. At BBE, we deal with property managers up and down the state of Florida who have been dealing with bed bugs. Bed bugs can become an enormous issue for your business when left to rot.

If you run a property management business, you know how important it is to keep your properties in quality condition. The last thing that you want is tenants leaving negative reviews, canceling tenancy agreements, or taking you to court due to a lack of quality care for your properties. This hurts the value of your portfolio, increases the risk of losing tenants, and could lead to future legal challenges.

Property managers turn to us because they want to work with a specialist who uses a solution that gets rid of bed bugs once and for all. Bring us in to inspect any of your properties, and we can quickly tell you whether or not you have bed bugs. If you are dealing with a bed bug problem, we can get to work to eradicate the issue and leave you without the problem. We do this by using heat treatment for bed bugs.

Why Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Is Perfect For Property Managers

Imagine the scene – you get a call from a tenant, and they are very unhappy. They have woken up in the morning, not for the first time, with those infamous bite marks on their arms, back, and legs. Bed bugs have accosted them as they sleep, leading to bites that have drained them of blood and left them sore. They are furious, and demand that you have the property cleaned out as soon as you can.

So, you get to work and have the bed bugs cleaned out. You use over-the-counter treatments that you have been recommended. The problem stops – for about a week. Then, the bed bugs appear, and the tenant is even angrier than ever. This time, you use a chemical treatment facility for bed bugs. This removes the bed bugs for a short period before they return entirely. Now, the client wants to leave.

This leaves you with two serious problems – an unhappy client who will besmirch your online reputation and a property infested with bed bugs. Renting this property back out with the bed bugs present will become a near impossibility. What do you do?

At BBE, we turn to heat treatment via Heat Assault. Heat treatment is the most powerful method of removing bed bugs from properties in Florida and beyond. Why?
✔ Heat treatment avoids the use of environmentally damaging chemicals
✔ This treatment also reduces the need to close down your property long-term
✔ On top of that, the treatment kills off bed bugs of ALL ages and lifecycles
✔ Instead of only capturing the adults, this kills off bed bugs at their youngest
✔ This means that the next generation of bed bugs is wiped out before they grow
✔ Also, since heat treatment heats the whole home, it works very effectively
✔ This removes the bed bugs rapidly, getting rid of the problem in a single session
✔ Since the whole property is treated, bed bugs have nowhere to hide to escape the heat
✔ By reaching temperatures of 145F, Heat Assault is a proven solution for wiping out bed bugs
✔ The result is a treatment that avoids chemicals and the need for repeat visits and sessions
✔ This means that your property can be clean from bed bugs for a minimum of 60 days

Are you running into bed bugs in your properties and struggling to deal with the consequences? Fear not. At BBE, we use a proven heat treatment solution for bed bugs in Tampa Bay and beyond.

Why Choose Our Bed Bug Exterminators For Property Managers?

We understand that when you look to deal with bed bugs, you need the promise of results. The last thing you want is to hire a company that talks a big game but cannot seal the deal when the problems begin. With that in mind, we make sure that you can feel confident hiring us because our service promises:

  ✔ A service delivered punctually and professionally, with the promise of lasting results

  ✔ Specialist bed bug exterminators who have vast experience in using Heat Assault treatment

  ✔ Reliable support throughout, with the full process explained to you in full for total transparency

  ✔ Informative experts who keep you updated on everything we find so you know where we are

  ✔ Effective, proven heat treatment that avoids the collateral damage that other treatments produce

  ✔ Fair pricing so you know exactly what you are going to get for your money when you hire us

  ✔ Discrete arrivals so that you never need to worry about anyone knowing about your bed bugs

If you want to work with a proven professional in the field, contact BBE today. We handle bed bugs across Tampa Bay and the state of Florida. Protect your portfolio and reputation today!

Why Are Bed Bugs Such A Common Issue For Property Managers?

There are numerous reasons why bed bugs are so common, especially in the state of Florida. For one, they love the weather. While heat treatment is the most proven method for removing bed bugs, they thrive in hot, humid weather. That is obviously a problem in itself—where we live is a haven for bed bugs. Also, Florida is a nation with a high population density, meaning bed bugs can travel easily.

There is also the fact that Florida is one of the most well-visited states in the USA. This means that bed bugs are brought in by workers from afar, from people visiting the state as tourists, and those traveling to and from locations for work. Bed bugs can latch onto our clothing, suitcases, and furniture: you might even bring bed bugs home from a classy hotel or a well-respected furniture store!

Bed bugs have little interest in the condition of a property or its location – the only thing that matters is the presence of blood to be sucked. With that in mind, residential properties can be a great place for bed bugs to reside because they can access the ideal conditions they are looking for. This is why bed bugs are commonly found in apartment blocks and residential properties.

If you own property and find that you have many issues with bed bugs, it could all stem from one single infestation. Bed bugs can live for a long time, and each bug is capable of producing hundreds of eggs. It does not take long for a few bed bugs to develop into a full infestation!

What Are The Clear Signs Of Bed Bugs For Property Managers?

When evaluating your property for the signs of bed bugs, there are some telltale signs that you need to keep a close eye out on. These signs will tell you without any doubt if you are dealing with bed bugs or not. Some of the most common signs that you might spot when it comes to bed bugs in your properties include:

Spotting one of these signs of bed bugs in property management portfolios is a bad thing. Spotting more than one is almost certainly a sign that you have bed bugs lingering on your property and need action.

Of course, it is easy to mistake bed bugs for other pests. Ants, termites, and cockroaches are also surprisingly common—yes, even in clean and otherwise well-kept Florida properties. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your problem is bed bugs instead of another pest, contact BBE today.

We can arrange a quick and professional investigation of your property. Our team knows what to look for when evaluating bed bugs; if any are found, we will take action.

Avoiding Bed Bugs In Your Property Management Portfolio

Of course, you want to do everything that you can to reduce the number of bed bugs hanging around in the first place. While getting rid of bed bugs entirely is almost impossible due to how crafty and resilient they are, you can try to keep the following tips in mind to help prevent the rise of bed bug infestations:

   • Invest in protectors for mattresses and furniture that can be placed atop. This can stop bed bugs from getting to the surface layer to take those nasty bites.

   • Regular dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning of carpets, rugs, and around baseboards can help prevent bed bugs from becoming comfortable at home.

   • Set strict policies for cleanliness and avoid creating havens for bed bugs. Bed bugs tend to thrive in mess and clutter (though they can still target otherwise immaculate properties)

   • Ensure tenants are made clear that any furniture, clothing, and laundry brought into their home is given a thorough clean and wash before being put away; this catches stray bed bugs.

   • Start moving towards furnishing your property with steel-based bedding and upholstery. These tend to be more challenging to move around and live within than wood, at least for bed bugs.

   • Regular inspections of properties for cracks in the walls, window ledges, foundations, and baseboards can help ensure cracks are sealed and prevent bed bugs from moving around.

Remember, though, that only professionals can remove bed bugs once they are found on your own property. No DIY products or cleaning routines will be enough to kill off the infestation; you need expert support and heat treatment.

Want To Rid Your Florida Property Portfolio Of Bed Bugs?

If you have encountered bed bugs, the last thing you should do is ignore them. Bed bugs can cause health risks, including allergic reactions to their bites, which can lead to legal trouble with tenants. If nothing else, you do not want to rent out a property that is laden with bed bugs. It will make it easier for tenants to feel like they have a justified complaint, and it can cause trouble.

Instead, you must take immediate action. Contact BBE today to discuss the bed bug problems in your property portfolio. A member of our team can comprehensively inspect your home, detailing the bed bugs and their numbers. Then, we can evaluate your property by measuring it in square feet, letting us know how much Heat Assault is needed to cleanse your home.

Then, we will arrange the earliest date to begin heat treatment for bed bugs for property managers. We can kill off the bed bugs, remove them from your property, and give you actionable advice on the best way to prevent re-infestation in the future.

Whether you think you have bed bugs or complaints are coming in, contact BBE for an immediate solution. The sooner we start, the safer you can make your properties!

Bed Bug Services for Property Managers