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If you run a hospitality establishment like a hotel or motel, then you know how important client satisfaction is. Keeping clients onside, though, is not easy – you need to maintain elite standards to keep those 5-star reviews coming in. Well, one of the easiest ways to make sure you get negative reviews is to let bed bugs run loose in your establishment!

At BBE, we regularly work with hotel and motel owners in Florida who are dealing with bed bugs. Florida is among the worst states in America for bed bugs, with a constant presence due to the humid weather and population density. Florida is also one of the most visitor-friendly states in the country, resulting in bed bugs being brought into our homes and businesses simply by latching onto people traveling.

When your business begins to have problems with bed bugs, you might have already tried the typical options. You might have used some DIY solutions, tried online prevention techniques, or even turned to chemical treatment for bed bugs. Nothing seems to work, though, right? You are not alone in this issue.

Luckily, we are here to help you resolve the issue and get rid of any bed bugs in your hotel or motel once and for all. At BBE, we offer comprehensive solutions for removing bed bugs for a minimum of 60 days.

Instead of enjoying a week or two of peace from bed bugs, we use a proven form of treatment—heat treatment—to kill bed bugs rapidly. This method ensures that bed bugs are killed off and removed from the hotel or motel that you operate for a significant period. The only way for bed bugs to return to your property is through re-infestation; we use a method that kills ALL present bed bugs.

Looking for support in dealing with bed bugs? Contact us today to discuss an investigation. We can check your hotel and motel for any signs of bed bugs and then begin treatment as soon as possible.

Hotel & Motel Bed Bug Services

Why Do We Use Heat Treatment In Our Hotel & Motel Bed Bug Services?

The simplest answer is that this is the most effective method available. At BBE, we have been dealing with bed bugs in Florida for a long time now. We have seen every form of treatment come and go, with various options sold as ‘the’ solution to bed bugs in your property. Well, in our expert view, heat treatment is by far and away the most effective solution for getting rid of bed bugs in hotels & motels!

Why? Some of the main reasons that we swear by using heat treatment for bed bugs include:

     • Heat treatments are first and foremost effective – we would not use them otherwise
      Heat treatment gets rid of ALL stages of bed bugs – eggs, hatchlings, and adults
     • This removes the bed bugs from your property in their entirety for a minimum of 60 days
     • There are no chemicals used within heat treatment, removing the risk of toxic impact
     • Since heat treatment is non-toxic, it can often be completed in one visit, not many

     • The lack of chemicals in the treatment also removes potential risks to humans and pets

     • Since heat treatment reaches 145F, even the heat-resilient bed bugs cannot survive.

     • Heat can impact every single part of your property, not just one room or area generally.

As you can see, heat treatment is the most effective way to give yourself long-term freedom from bed bugs. By covering the entirety of your hotel and motel building, too, you can be sure that no pests manage to survive. Other treatments are notorious for bed bugs escaping and then quickly returning; with heat treatment, that problem is an issue of the past!

Why BBE Is The Perfect Solution For Hotel & Motel Bed Bugs

When clients contact us to deal with bed bugs in hotels and motels, we understand there might be trepidation. How can we guarantee that we can resolve the issue(s) that you face with bed bugs?

     • We have years of experience in dealing with bed bugs – we know how they operate and act

     • This experience allows us to quickly and easily put together solutions to get rid of bed bugs

     • Our team has long-term experience working together, too, meaning we work in tandem well

     • This means that we can quickly and easily get rid of bed bugs as our team works together

     • Pricing is fair and transparent, making sure you always feel like you get value for money

     • Everything we do is explained in detail so you understand every step of our process

     • This transparency in pricing and process makes it easy for you to feel confident

     • By using heat treatment, we guarantee that the bed bugs are wiped out en masse

     • Heat treatment avoids the usual collateral damage that can lead to other repairs

If you want to have someone involved in the process of removing bed bugs from your hotel and/or motel, you need someone who makes the stages of the process clear. With that in mind, we operate using a five-step process as follows:

     1. A complete investigation and evaluation of your property to determine its size in square feet.

     2. Once we know the size of your property, we can provide you with a schedule for our service.

     3. We then provide you with every detail that you need about bed bugs so you feel informed.

     4. When our team arrives, we get to work quickly to start wiping out the bed bugs with efficiency.

     5. Once complete, we tidy up after ourselves and leave your hotel or motel free from bed bugs.

This process is quick, easy, and simple. Not only can you ensure that you are left with a hotel or motel without bed bugs, but you can also feel completely confident that the issue is now a problem of the past. With a minimum guarantee of 60 days’ freedom from bed bugs, you can enjoy that much-needed peace of mind.

What Are The Signs Of Bed Bugs In Hotels And Motels?

Bed bugs are a prominent problem, and they could impact how guests and tenants view your business. Anyone finding bed bugs in your property is unlikely to enjoy the experience and is more likely to leave a negative review. Bed bugs can also be a surefire way to make sure that someone does not come back to your hotel or motel in the future.

At BBE, we recommend searching for signs of bed bugs before the complaints can come in. Some of the most common signs of bed bugs in a hotel or motel include:

If you spot one of these symptoms, it could be a sign that you have a bed bug problem. If you spot more than one of these signs, it is almost certain that you have bed bugs crawling around the place. So, you should be ready and willing to take action and get rid of bed bugs in hotels and motels ASAP!

Are you not sure if you have bed bugs or want to confirm? Contact BBE to arrange an investigation of your property. We can come to your hotel or motel and spot bed bugs.

Why Do Bed Bugs Get Attracted To Hotels And Motels?

The main reason is quite simple: people. Bed bugs thrive on blood, meaning that if your hotel or motel has lots of people in it, then there is equally lots of blood. Bed bugs are the kind of pest that can feed on blood, wait for a prolonged period, and then return to re-feed. So, if your hospitality venue is constantly seeing people coming and going, bed bugs are given a permanent place to feed from.

That is a problem in itself, not least because the bed bugs are likely to continue to feast. Unless you kill off bed bugs, they are not going to go anywhere. These pests will linger anywhere that gives them access to bedding and furniture with people to feast from: what better place to turn to than a hotel or motel?

This extensive presence is primarily why you have to make getting rid of bed bugs your utmost priority. Bed bugs are not going to move on of their own volition: if your property gives them access to people to feed on, they will continue to stick around. Then, it is only a matter of time before a guest is bitten.

The reputational impact of someone being bitten on the premises is incredible. You will find that this could be a damaging issue for your company’s reputation. It could even lead to problems such as health and safety inspections, forced shutdowns, and, in more severe situations, legal action after a guest takes an allergic reaction to being bitten. So, you should not ignore the severity of bed bugs appearing in your business.

Are Bed Bugs In Hotels And Motels In Florida Common?

Sadly, yes. Bed bugs love Florida because of the weather. The weather means that bed bugs are attracted to Florida. These creatures love a hot and humid climate that stays warm most of the year. Does that sound familiar to you? It should!

Unfortunately, Florida is a haven for bed bugs to thrive. They are unlikely to move on from any property that gives them an opportunity to keep on feeding, too. With Florida’s cities being so dense in population and property spacing, bed bugs can make it easy to move from one property to another. They can move from houses into hotels and from hotels into businesses with consummate ease.

That can lead to some pretty major problems down the line, with infestations growing rapidly. The ideal weather and people placement, paired with the speed at which bed bugs reproduce, is a nightmare scenario. As such, there is a reason why Florida is one of the worst states in America for bed bugs!

If you worry that your business could be impacted by bed bugs or has been impacted by them, contact BBE today. The sooner we can evaluate your property for bed bugs, the sooner the issue can be removed once and for all.

Save Your Reputation Contact BBE Today For Hotel & Motel Bed Bugs

Save Your Reputation: Contact BBE Today For Hotel & Motel Bed Bugs

Your business has worked too hard, for too long, to risk its reputation due to the presence of pests like bed bugs. You want to do everything you can to avoid being given a negative reputation. This is a challenge, with so many aspects in the hospitality sector determining how people view your business. As such, you should take every available precaution to make sure your business is free from bed bugs.

The reputational damage that comes from having bed bugs can be widespread. Negative reviews are easily spread online, too, making it easy for someone to see the negative review and look elsewhere. This can make it hard to keep people coming back to your business or to have new guests arrive in the future. As soon as you or your staff spot the potential presence of bed bugs, it is time to act.

Contact BBE today, and we can appraise your business for any potential bed bug sightings. If we find bed bugs in hotels and motels, we arrange a schedule with you that is as time-friendly as possible. We look to deal with your problem as a priority so you can reduce the risk of bed bugs spreading, infesting, or being found by your guests.

The team at BBE is more than happy to inspect your hotel or motel for bed bugs. Once we find any signs of bed bugs, we will interact with you to come up with an immediate plan of action. Do not delay: if you see even one sign of bed bugs being present, call us for advice!

Let BBE ensure that you no longer have to worry about negative reviews or closures due to bed bugs. With a minimum of 60 days of protection afterward, too, we guarantee that your pest problem can become a thing of the past.

Contact us today to arrange an inspection, and we can make sure your business never has to deal with bed bugs ever again!