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Do you own a property that you rent out via platforms like Airbnb & VRBO? Then you will know how much cleanliness matters. Your reputation is staked on the fact that your premises are clean, welcoming, modern, and fresh. The problem is that such properties can become prone to issues with bed bugs. If you have bed bugs in your Airbnb & VRBO property, then you could have serious trouble with guests.

People do not want to stay somewhere that they might be bothered by bed bugs. These pests can become a serious problem, biting regularly and leaving your guests with a poor quality of sleep. At BBE, it is our job to offer a comprehensive solution to help you get rid of bed bugs in Airbnb & VRBO properties. With our years of experience in dealing with bed bugs, though, we can get rid of this issue for you ASAP.

The last thing you need on your property is bed bugs. Even one guest suffering from bed bugs could seriously damage your reputation as a business. Bed bugs could stop other guests from wanting to stay with your premises, or they could encourage others to leave negative reviews. This can be extremely harmful to your Airbnb & VRBO business, and therefore, you should take action right away.

Quick, non-invasive, and without the need for follow-up appointments, there are many reasons why heat treatment is the way to go. To get rid of bed bugs for the long term, contact BBE today!

Airbnb & VRBO Hosts with Bed Bugs

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Airbnb & VRBO Properties

There are many ways to combat the blight of bed bugs, but only a few solutions in-use today are actually effective. While many swear by using treatments like chemical treatment or over-the-counter preventative solutions, these rarely, if ever, work. To get rid of bed bugs in the most efficient manner possible, you need access to a proven form of bed bug removal – heat treatment. What is heat treatment for bed bugs?

At BBE, we use a heat treatment solution known as Heat Assault. Heat Assault is the market-leading solution; one of the most powerful and effective systems around. By safely increasing the temperature of your property until is it unbearable for bed bugs, heat treatment works because it kill bed bugs of all ages. Other treatments might only impact the adults or those caught in the crossfire; heat kills every bug.

This is vital because bed bugs can replicate at dizzying speeds. Even killing off 90% of an infestation is not enough, purely because bed bugs find ways to reproduce so quickly. This means that your property can use ineffective treatments and have the same problem return within weeks. At BBE, we promise a minimum of 60-days freedom from bed bugs in your property once we start to use heat treatment.

Arrange An Inspection For Bed Bugs In Your Airbnb & VRBO Property

The first step to getting rid of bed bugs is to have your property inspected by bed bug specialists. You need a company that knows what to look out for; even the simplest symptoms of a bed bug infestation can be enough to confirm you have a problem on your hands. At BBE, we provide inspections for all commercial premises and businesses – including Airbnb & VRBO properties.

To start off, we will search your property to look for any potential signs of bed bugs. The most common signs that your Airbnb & VRBO hosting is impacted by bed bugs will include the discovery of:

Bed bugs moving around on your bedding, furniture, and upholstery; contrary to popular belief, bed bugs reside on more than just our beds
The presence of bite marks appearing on anyone who is staying at your business or using furniture where bed bugs could potentially be found
Blood stains or fecal matter stains appearing on your bedding; this is a sure-fire sign that you have a prominent infestation in place
A musky odor that sticks to the air and can be hard to cover up even with air fresheners and other cleaning products
Molted skin or egg shells being left behind on your bedding, flooring, and around entry points to the room, such as your baseboards

Even spotting one of these signs can be a clear sign that your Airbnb & VRBO has a bed bug problem. Once we find any of these signs of a potential infestation, we will get to work on clearing the matter up. The sooner we can see these issues, the quicker we can get to work on clearing them up once and for all. However, by evaluating your Airbnb & VRBO property for bed bugs, we can ensure our services are needed.

What Happens If Bed Bugs Are Found At My Airbnb & VRBO Facility?

Once we have discovered bed bugs, we need to take action to get rid of them as quickly as possible. To do this, we use a proven range of solutions and services. We have a five-step program that we use that we know is great for getting rid of bed bugs of all infestation volumes. Generally, the five-step process that we use after discovering the bed bugs will include the following:

This proven five-step process has worked for us for businesses all across the state of Florida. No matter whether you think you have the beginnings of a bed bug problem or the issue has lingered for a while now, we can handle it. BBE handles bed bugs in Airbnb & VRBOs no matter how serious the infestation is, and how much work is needed to de-bug your property.

Contact us today to arrange your initial investigation. Once we find proof that you have bed bugs, we will get to work as soon as possible to clear up the issue in the long term.

Can I Stop Bed Bugs Entering My Airbnb & VRBO?

You can try, but prevention is almost impossible. Bed bugs absolutely love Florida due to the humid weather, high heat, and great population density. As such, they find it very easy to move from one property to the next. When you find that your property has bed bugs, the issue is almost impossible to prevent. Sadly, since you run an Airbnb & VRBO, you probably have lots of guests arriving.

Guests and visitors are the most common reason that bed bugs enter your property. However, they could easily make an entry into your home from various locations. This includes next-door businesses, someone bringing them in unwittingly, or simply bad luck as bed bugs make their way into your property. One thing to note, too, is that bed bugs can fit through even tiny hairline cracks in your building.

This is why we often receive calls from otherwise immaculate, high-caliber Airbnb & VRBO property owners. Bed bugs do not care about the property conditions; they only care that there is a steady supply of blood for them to feast upon. As such, you should not worry about what bed bugs say about your Airbnb & VRBO: they are as likely to settle into a dirty household as they are an impeccably cared for property.

Prevention is difficult, if not impossible, due to how mobile and resilient the bed bug is. For that reason, you should focus on stopping them from becoming a serious issue in your property.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous In My Airbnb & VRBO?

Yes, they are – to your reputation. While bed bugs ‘only’ bite people, they leave a negative experience for any guest staying with your business. They will not appreciate being bitten when they are sleeping. Any guest who finds bed bugs will immediately assume that your property is in poor condition. This makes them likely to leave negative reviews, which can be catastrophic to your reputation.

You also might find in more serious situations that someone wishes to hold your business legally responsible. As such, you will find that you need to take short-term rental insurance simply to avoid someone holding you legally liable for the presence of bed bugs in your business. This is especially likely if someone suffers an allergic reaction to the bed bug bites – which can happen.

So, bed bugs can potentially ruin your business if you allow the problem to get worse. There are also the consequences of having to close any Airbnb & VRBO that you own while the issue is being resolved. That hurts you financially and reputationally, which is why bed bugs should be a priority for you. Avoid having to cancel reservations by taking action and facing the problem head-on.

At BBE, we know that it can be tough to face up to a problem involving bed bugs on your property. It can make you doubt your Airbnb & VRBO and wonder if you should close down for good. Thankfully, this does not have to be the case: with BBE here to assist, the problem can come to an end.

Tips To Reduce Bed Bugs In Airbnb & VRBOs

If you already have bed bugs and are waiting for the BBE team to come out and deal with your problem, what can you do for now? We recommend that you try to put the following tips in place to reduce the number of bed bugs that are discoverable:

Make sure that your cleaning team goes into overdrive move after every guest. Look for any cracks, crevices, or gaps in the walls and flooring.

Give your bedding, furniture, and upholstery an extra-deep clean after every individual has stayed with you; undergo regular deep cleaning where possible.

Ensure your cleaning team are aware of the presence of bed bugs and thus make it easier for them to look out for potential infestations while they work.

Your cleaning team should apply and wash mattress covers on a regular basis. This adds another barrier that can stop bed bugs from getting to your guests.

If bed bugs are spotted in any room, DO NOT rent that room out. Have the room closed and cleaned extensively, and check all adjacent rooms for bed bugs.

Get all gaps and cracks that your cleaning team finds sealed as soon as possible. This can reduce the number of bed bugs that can get into that particular room.

If possible, invest in metal frames for your bedding, furniture, and upholstery; wood is easier for bed bugs to move around on and within compared to metal frames.

Try and put in place policies that avoids luggage being left on beds; use luggage racks to help keep luggage that might contain bed bugs from being left on your beds

Tips To Reduce Bed Bugs In Airbnb & VRBOs

Want To Remove Bed Bugs In Airbnb & VRBOs For Good?

Then, contact the team at BBE. We understand that having bed bugs is a daunting experience that might worry you. However, bed bugs are one of the most common pests in America; around 20% of the population have dealt with bed bugs. Their prolific nature, though, does not excuse ignoring them.

You should take action as soon as possible to get things sorted and move forward on the right track. Avoid the potential stain on your well-earned reputation by having BBE deal with your bed bugs as soon as possible. Contact us to arrange your initial investigation, and then let our experts get to work.

As soon as we find any signs of bed bugs in Airbnb & VRBO properties, we will arrange a date to provide a comprehensive, long-term solution. The sooner we start, the sooner the issue is resolved.

Contact BBE today to discuss your problems with bed bugs on your property, and we can make sure the issue is brought to an end.