Bed Bug Heat Treatment- Electric Fans vs Heat Assault


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Dealing with a bed bug infestation can be really upsetting, for homeowners leading them to look for budget ways to get rid of these pests. While electric fans might seem like an cheap option at first their limited heating capacity and inability to reach the thermal death parameters for bed bugs (122°F for 30 minutes) make them less effective. These devices struggle to reach the spots where bed bugs hide requiring labor efforts in each room that only move the pests around rather than getting rid of them.

On the hand Heat Assault presents a groundbreaking approach to eliminating bed bugs. By combining methods with top notch equipment Heat Assault uses heaters, specialized sensors and software that can monitor temperatures across entire homes. This advanced system allows heat adjustments to ensure lethal temperatures are reached in all hiding places simultaneously. From wall interiors and, under flooring to inside electronic devices.

The Heat Assault method goes beyond using heat; it’s an operation crafted by experts to target bed bugs at every phase of their life cycle. The companys trained professionals create tailored treatment plans utilizing generators and real time temperature sensors throughout properties.
To ensure precise targeting for reaching the temperature needed to eliminate entire infestations, including eggs, bugs and everything in, between, in just one treatment. The treatment can cover areas up to 5,000 feet or more. Achieve full eradication within 20 minutes.

In contrast to the often ineffective warmth spread by fans used by consumers Heat Assault takes a military style approach that leaves no corner untouched. They maintain the heat until intelligent sensors confirm the removal of bed bugs providing assurance with a promise of a bug environment. This level of accuracy and efficiency underscores Heat Assaults approach compared to methods that are less effective.

To sum up when dealing with bed bugs homeowners should not settle for solutions. Heat Assaults precision heat technology customized for each houses specific requirements offers the defense against these pests. With Heat Assault, effectiveness and affordability go hand in hand giving homeowners a win, over bed bug invasions.