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Bed Bug Removal in Safety Harbor, FL

Bed Bug Services in Safety Harbor, FL

If you are someone who lives in Safety Harbor, then you live in one of the most scenic places in Florida. This medium-sized city sits comfortably toward the coast, creating a very happy and tranquil place to live. For many, life in Safety Harbor is blighted by only one thing: the presence of annoying pests like bed bugs. Bed bugs are a common problem across Florida, invading our homes and businesses en mass.

At BBE, we regularly deal with bed bugs in Safety Harbor. These creatures appear regularly for numerous reasons, not least the fact that Florida boasts some of the best conditions in America for bed bugs. These persistent pests tend to bother our homes and businesses because of the perfect weather within the city and the surrounding area. This makes bed bugs in Safety Harbor feel extremely common.

If you have a problem with bed bugs, then it might feel like you should ignore the issue and it will go away. Take it from our years of experience in dealing with bed bugs, though; they do not move on willingly. To get rid of bed bugs properly, you need to invest in effective treatment. At BBE, we use heat treatment via Heat Assault as this is proven to be the most effective, humane treatment for bed bugs.

Our job is to ensure that your home or business no longer has any bed bugs invading it. By using heat treatment, we ensure that bed bugs no longer bother you to the same degree, killing them off in the most effective and proven manner possible. Contact us today to discuss what solutions we can provide for you.

Bed Bug Removal in Safety Harbor, FL

Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Safety Harbor

One of the most common issues we hear about bed bugs in Safety Harbor is how quickly they return. For home and business owners who invest time into DIY treatment, or money into professional solutions, you want long-term relief. Given the prominence of bed bugs in Safety Harbor, though, that is not always easy. Many invest heavily into treatment only to find the bed bugs return shortly afterward!

This can come down to two things: bad luck, or ineffective treatment. In the former, you simply have been unlucky that someone has quickly reintroduced bed bugs into your home or business. In the latter, though, you might have used treatments like DIY repellants or chemical treatments. At BBE, we use chemical treatment for bed bugs because we know this is proven to be the most effective method.

Since we use Heat Assault, we can crank the temperature of your home up to a bed bug unbearable level. Temperatures of around 145F ensure that bed bugs are wiped out in their numbers, killing off all life cycles and phases. While other treatment options might only kill off the adult bed bugs who venture into the path of the treatment, heat treatment is a building-wide solution that is effective.

Also, bed bugs killed with heat treatment are not going to be replaced by their hive. We use a treatment that gets into the whole building, killing off bed bugs hiding anywhere. They have nowhere to run when heat treatment is applied: that is why bed bugs in Safety Harbor killed with heat treatment are gone long-term. At a minimum, you can expect 60+ days of freedom from bed bugs in Safety Harbor with heat.

Why Hire BBE For Bed Bug Treatment in Safety Harbor?

We understand that you have many options to consider when hiring a bed bug exterminator in Safety Harbor. At BBE, though, we always put ourselves forward as the perfect candidate for this problem. Why? What makes our bed bug treatments such an effective choice? Why can you rely upon us to get rid of this persistent problem in your home or business in Safety Harbor?

We have experience in dealing with bed bugs; we know what problems they bring

We have used heat treatment for years and are aware of how to apply it properly

This results in rapid removal of bed bugs of all shapes, sizes, and life stages

Since our treatment is effective, you can look forward to long-term peace of mind

Our treatment is also affordable, with transparent pricing provided for each job

We work quickly; after our initial inspection, we arrange a heat treatment service ASAP

This results in rapid removal of the bed bugs with the guarantee of long-term results

Our team has been delivering bed bug treatments across Safety Harbor for years

We use discreet arrivals, so nobody has to know you have bed bugs at home/at work

Bed Bug Exterminator Safety Harbor, FL

These reasons alone mark us as the go-to solution for anyone looking to improve their bed bug situation. If you are sick of these problematic pests hanging around and ruining your home, let us help you. The sooner we get involved in dealing with your bed bugs, the quicker the problem can be put away for the long term. With our team on hand to assist ASAP, all it takes is one call to move things forward.

There is no reason to let bed bugs roam around your property. They will not move on without being wiped out; bed bugs are out for one thing and one thing only and that is blood. If your property gives them access to blood, they will not leave. This is why you need an experienced, proven solution to bed bugs. The sooner we are on your property to resolve the issue, the quicker it comes to an end.

The Five-Step Process to Erasing Bed Bugs in Safety Harbor

We believe that bed bugs must be dealt with by using a comprehensive and proven process. Over the years, we have developed our process to ensure that results are consistent. To ensure that any bed bugs we deal with in Safety Harbor are eradicated in full, we use the following process

This proven five-step process is a solution we have used for years to great effect. The team at BBE has worked together for a long time, too, so we know that we can deliver the results by using this process. If you want to work with experts who know what it takes to get rid of bed bugs in Safety Harbor properly, contact us today.

Let us showcase the success of our process to you via our bed bug services in Safety Harbor.

Things To Know About Bed Bugs in Safety Harbor

While bed bugs in Safety Harbor are the same as bed bugs found anywhere else in Florida, as a property owner you want to know what you are dealing with. To help you be prepared to face off against this problematic issue, we recommend that you take the following things to know about bed bugs in Safety Harbor into account. This might help you to determine if bed bugs are your problem or not.

How Do I Know I Have Bed Bugs in Safety Harbor?

The first and most obvious sign that you have bed bugs on your property in Safety Harbor involves looking out for the obvious signs. The most common signs that we spot bed bugs leaving behind in properties where we have found proof of infestation include:

Bitemarks being left on the residents or guests of the property that is being inspected

Bitemarks that appear in a small zig-zag style pattern, found anywhere on the body

Red spots or brown spots appearing on bedding and furniture where bed bugs reside

A strong smell in the air that is musky and sweet; this is a bed bug natural odor

Physical signs of movement from bed bugs, or the appearance of dead bugs/shredded skin

Bed Bug Treatment Safety Harbor, FL

What Makes Bed Bugs So Common in Safety Harbor?

There are many reasons why we believe that bed bugs in Safety Harbor are such a common occurrence. Some of the main reasons tend to be built around the fact that Safety Harbor, like all of Florida, boasts exceptionally warm and humid weather. Bed bugs love the warmth and the humidity, so Florida is a natural place that brings these critters to nest.

Another reason, though, is that Safety Harbor is such a commonly visited place. Many people travel here for work or move through Safety Harbor when heading to other parts of Florida. Given the ease with which bed bugs can latch onto our bodies, this should come as no surprise for the most part. They simply use our active movement from one location to another to hitch a ride to their next location.

This is why it can sometimes feel like bed bugs in Safety Harbor are so common. The weather paired with the high levels of transit to and from Safety Harbor makes bed bugs almost an inevitability.

How Can Bed Bugs Enter My Property?

Bed bugs do not mess around in that they find just about any way into your property that is allowed. Bed bugs will find their way into almost any property in Safety Harbor. However, the most common ways for bed bugs to enter a property include:

Being brought in by a person or a pet who happens to have visited your property

Stowaway bed bugs arriving on vans, cars, trucks, and other forms of mobile transport

Latching onto our clothing and luggage, hiding until the time is right to build a colony

Gaining entry through even small cracks in the foundations and areas like your flooring

Access through small gaps in your AC system, your baseboards, and other access points

In short, bed bugs can get into your property in ways that you cannot even see. Unfortunately, this is a common issue that has plagued large portions of Safety Harbor. Bed bugs can arrive in small numbers through the tiniest of openings, and before long they have given birth to an entire colony of bed bugs.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

This is a common question we are asked, but we would say that, in general, bed bugs are not dangerous – not truly. They do pose some risks to you in terms of your health and well-being, especially if you have an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite. Generally, though, no. Bed bugs are not a dangerous critter to have in your home because their bites are unlikely to infect you or leave you with side effects.

However, being regularly bitten by bed bugs will do little for your mood, morale, or the quality of sleep that you receive. This eventually will tell, leaving you feeling irritable and tired due to the lack of quality sleep you receive. So, you should not let bed bugs roam free simply because they cannot make you ill!

Can I Kill Bed Bugs Myself?

You are welcome to try, but most bed bug infestations will simply return if you try to self-manage. Bed bugs get good at hiding from threats, so when a number of the colonies die, they will retreat. Sadly, bed bugs can go far longer without food or sustenance than we would hope. This means that killing off bed bugs ensures the colony will go into hiding, reappearing when their numbers are large enough.

It should go without saying, then, that using professional treatment for bed bugs in Safety Harbor is the recommended choice. Trying to self-manage the situation rarely, if ever, results in long-term success.

Will The Infestation Go Away on Its Own?

No, a bed bug infestation will not move on of their own accord. So long as a source of food – a person – is present, then bed bugs will wait for the right time to pounce. The only way to get rid of bed bugs would be to abandon the building, which is typically an impossibility for home or business owners in Safety Harbor.

Why Should I Avoid Chemical Treatment for Safety Harbor Bed Bugs?

Chemical treatments were once the go-to solution for killing off bed bugs. However, over time, it has been proven that bed bugs have gotten wise to chemical treatment. Not only do they ensure that some of the colonies avoid the chemicals, but they hide from its presence. This results in an ineffective treatment that has to be used multiple times to get close to the level of impact that heat treatment can provide.

That is why we offer a treatment for bed bugs in Safety Harbor that is focused on heat. On top of that, heat treatment lacks the environmental impact and the potential for collateral damage by making people ill. When managed by our team, chemical treatments for bed bugs in Safety Harbor are not needed. Instead, we use heat treatment that is proven to get to the colony and kill them en mass.

Bed bugs can hide from a chemical treatment, but they are unable to hide from rising heat. Bed bugs have two choices when the heat is turned up: stay and die or leave and survive. We ensure that whatever happens your property is cleared of the irritating menace of bed bugs moving forward.

Bed Bug Removal in Safety Harbor, FL

Do I Need to Get Rid of Furniture Impacted by Bed Bugs?

No, thankfully not! Bed bugs cannot ruin our furniture. While you might wish to give the furniture a full-on replacement due to the presence of such pests, it is by no means a requirement. Indeed, bed bugs, once killed off with heat treatment, leave no risk of contaminating or further damaging your furniture. Once the bed bugs have been killed off, the furniture simply needs to be cleaned up.

We can give you advice on the best ways to clean specific upholstery and furniture in your home. Once we have used heat treatment on bed bugs in Safety Harbor, we can give you information on what to do next. This ensures that bed bugs become a problem of the past, without costing you furniture.

Contact A Specialist in Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Safety Harbor

If you have bed bugs in Safety Harbor, then there is no benefit to waiting around. As made clear above, bed bugs do not move on if there is a source of food (i.e. blood) in the vicinity of their place of residence. As such, it would be wise to contact a professional service for bed bug treatments in Safety Harbor. You do not have to deal with bed bugs on your own, you can contact us for assistance to get a rapid solution.

Bed bugs are not going to be something you have to worry about for much longer once we get involved. We can kill off the entire bed bug population in your building, leaving you with the peace of mind you require. This removes much of the uncertainty about the condition and cleanliness of your property. Remember, though, that bed bugs do not care about cleanliness – they care about getting blood.

That is why you can be as likely to find bed bugs in an old factory as you are in a brand-new hospitality location. No matter where in Safety Harbor you are, though, you can get expert help from the BBE team. Contact us today to discuss, and we can ensure you get the assistance you need as soon as possible. Do not delay – the sooner we get to work, the quicker the bed bugs become a problem of the past!

Specialist Support for Bed Bugs in Safety Harbor & Nearby

While we have a strict focus on bed bugs in Safety Harbor, we also cover all major towns and cities in the nearby area. We regularly make trips outside of Safety Harbor to nearby cities such as:

Safety Harbor Bed Bug Treatment

Whether you reside within the 34695 ZIP code or you are in another area or city entirely, contact BBE today. We cover huge portions of Florida, offering a service that is effective, impactful, and reliable. For peace of mind from the presence of bed bugs without having to lift a finger, contact us today. The sooner we get started, the quicker you can get back to sleeping soundly at night knowing the bed bugs are gone!

No matter the size or scale of the infestation, BBE can be the answer you need to the question of bed bugs in Safety Harbor. Contact us today to discuss whatever issue you have, and we can make sure that a proven solution is put in place that pays off in the long term.