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Clearwater Bed Bug Exterminators: Get The Job Done Right

Regardless of where you live in Clearwater, dealing with bed bugs could become problematic. Bed bugs are one of the most invasive species in the world; they are found worldwide, not just in Florida or the wider USA. Bed bugs are a hardy, annoying species that are extremely hard to kill off. As such, when they populate your home or business, it is natural that you want to get rid of them ASAP.

Bed bugs feel like they are becoming more common than ever. Indeed, around 1 in 5 Floridians have found themselves having to face off against bed bugs at home or in their workplace. Whether you see them in your home, a hospital, a hospitality venue, or a furniture store, bed bugs must be wiped out to prevent them from returning. Bed bugs will not move on of their own accord; they need to be stopped.

BBE provides a comprehensive service built around removing bed bugs in Clearwater. Whether you stay in Coachman Ridge, Shady Oak Farms, Sand Key, Harbor Oaks, or anywhere else in Clearwater, getting rid of those bed bugs should become a priority. With around 117,000 people in the area, Clearwater is a growing city, meaning many people are moving in and out of the community. That transit level to and from the city can contribute to the number of bed bugs in the area.

Bed Bug Exterminator Clearwater, FL

Eradicate Bed Bugs In Clearwater With Heat Treatment

You need effective treatment if you want to ensure that bed bugs no longer become the blight they can be. We understand that bed bugs are nasty, but you do not like to spend much money on treatments. That is why, at BBE, we offer bed bug heat treatment solutions. When used properly, heat treatments are by far and away the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs for good.

Using a Clearwater bed bug heat treatment service like ours can be the most efficient way to eradicate bed bugs in your home or business. Heat treatments use a highly effective but non-invasive, non-chemical solution to kill off bed bugs and bring the problem to an end. Since heat treatments also kill bed bugs at all life stages, we are confident we can kill off your property’s entire bed bug populace.

You might find that bed bugs return much sooner with chemical and DIY treatments. With a 60-day guarantee of removal, we make sure that all of the bed bugs currently on your property are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Unless new bed bugs are brought into your property in the future, our treatments ensure you can be free of the infestation that is causing you harm!

Why Should You Hire BBE For Clearwater Bed Bug Removal?

Bed bug treatments in Clearwater come in various forms, but at BBE, we are confident we can provide the best overall solution. By using bed bug heat treatments, we ensure that the bed bugs are completely eradicated: no bed bugs will be left over by the time we finish our heat treatment. Why, though, should you trust us to do the job that you need? What makes BBE the ideal choice for bed bug services in Clearwater?

We take your safety seriously. When engaging with any bed bug heat treatment, we make sure that nothing is used that is potentially toxic to you, your family, and your pets.

We offer the best pricing. While bed bug heat treatments can be expensive, we use a fair and transparent pricing model to make sure you get the best value for money.

We handle all of Clearwater. Working across Clearwater and surrounding towns like St. Petersburg and Tampa, we offer our bed bug treatments across Clearwater.

We get the job done quickly. There is no need for repeat visits and returns to get the job done properly; BBE focuses on ensuring that they are gone for good when we tackle bed bugs.

We promise results. When we get to work on dealing with bed bugs, we make sure that you are clear from the problem for a minimum of 60 days since we kill off all bed bugs present.

We know what we are doing. With years in the industry, the BBE team has gotten used to dealing with bed bugs of all shapes and sizes: rest assured, we have a solution to your problem.

Dealing With Bed Bugs In Clearwater: The BBE Process Explained

When you bring in the team at BBE to deal with your bed bugs via heat treatment, you are hiring a company with a specific process. We have a tried and tested solution that eliminates all bed bugs at all life stages: no little ones surviving to come back and haunt you weeks down the line!

To make sure that we get the job done right, whether you are in Sand Key, Feather Sound, Del Oro Groves, University Park, or anywhere else in the city, we use the following five-step process to ensure that all bed bugs are killed off without issue:

The Key Facts About Bed Bugs In Clearwater

Knowledge is everything when dealing with pests like bed bugs, which is why we offer so much support and insight. Before you tackle any bed bugs in Clearwater, though, you should know what you are up against. Here are some essential details about bed bugs that might help you diagnose their presence and then arrange a bed bug heat treatment to remove the problem permanently.

Are Bed Bugs A Danger To My Health?

First, should you worry if bed bugs are biting you? Yes and no.

You should be concerned because being bitten by anything is not nice. Thankfully, bed bugs do not carry anything like diseases or illnesses. However, if a bed bug bites you, it could easily lead to the bite becoming infected or irritated if you continue scratching at it. Bed bugs, though, are not life-threatening.

These tiny little predators produce painful bites that will be noticeably felt if you are awake. You might even wake up in the middle of the night wondering why – it could be a natural reaction to the pain from the bed bug biting you. Since bed bugs are here to only drink our blood instead of eating our furniture or foundations, they can feel more prominent than pests like termites.

Bed bugs are not primarily a danger to your health, but they can impact your quality of life and your quality of sleep. And, if the bites get infected or spread, the problem could get worse quickly. As such, you should look to get rid of your bed bugs ASAP.

Bed bugs will not make you ill, but they will make you feel uncomfortable. If you run a business in Clearwater that has a problem with bed bugs, too, they could harm your reputation.

Should I Use Chemical Or DIY Treatments For Bed Bugs?

We advise avoiding using chemical treatments for bed bugs at all costs. Chemical treatments are expensive, contain toxic chemicals, and require multiple rounds of usage to help kill off bed bugs. Not only that, but they pose a risk to anyone on the premises. Homeowners would need to evacuate children and pets from the premises; business owners would likely have to shut down to use chemical treatment.

On top of that, chemical treatments are both bad for the environment and not very effective. Bed bugs have adjusted over the years to become wise to such treatment. Since bed bugs can go months without food, too, nothing stops a portion of the bed bug colony in your home simply hiding and waiting for the right opportunity to re-emerge.

Chemical treatments do not guarantee wiping out a bed bug colony in Clearwater or elsewhere. Heat treatments, by contrast, kill off all ages of bed bugs. This means that the hatchlings cannot avoid the heat treatment in the same way they can. Heat treatments create an unbearable, unlivable locale for bed bugs; chemical treatments can be hidden from and avoided until the time is right.

Chemical and DIY treatments might eliminate the visible bed bugs, but they will soon return. With bed bug heat treatment, though, you ensure that these pests are wiped out. Only an entirely new infestation can bring bed bugs back to your home; with DIY and chemical treatment, that is not the case.

Spotting Bed Bugs In Your Clearwater Property: What Are The Signs?

With a median property value of around $374,573, your Clearwater property, whether commercial or residential, is a huge investment. Knowing how to properly look after that property includes dealing with pests. Pests come in all shapes and sizes, from termites and ants to bed bugs. How do you know you are dealing with bed bugs?

You have found bite marks on your skin that you are unable to explain

Bitemarks from bed bugs regularly appear on our backs, arms, and legs

These bites might result in small droplets of blood on your bedsheets and upholstery

You might even notice small, rust-colored spots on your furniture/bedding

Bed bugs also produce a hard-to-ignore, musky odor that sticks to the air like glue

In extreme infestations, you might see bed bugs moving around the place

The hardest to spot sign of bed bugs, but a major sign of infestation, are eggshells

These egg shells are often small and translucent but can be visible in large infestations

These are some of Clearwater’s most common and clear signs of bed bugs. If you begin to spot these signs of bed bugs, it would be wise to look at getting treatment. Even one of these symptoms should be enough to book an evaluation from a member of the BBE team. The sooner we find the infestation, the quicker we can put together our bed bug heat treatment and kill them off for good.

There is an immediacy about dealing with bed bugs in Clearwater because the problem will not go away. Bed bugs do not move on: you are their meal, after all, and you provide them with a constant source of blood. Bed bugs will stick around for as long as you allow them to. Without taking action to kill off the infestation, you risk the problem getting worse.

Bed Bugs In Clearwater: How Do They Get Into Your Property?

Good question! The problem with bed bugs is that they are some of the hardiest pests around. They can survive in high heat and humid conditions (which is why we need extensive heat treatment to kill them off). They can move around through the smallest cracks and crevices and easily stick to our furniture, luggage, and clothing. Given they are so small, we do not notice them until they are legion.

If you want to get rid of bed bugs in Clearwater, you must pay close attention to where they appear. If you have bed bugs in a household, they could have come through to your home in various ways. They could have been brought in by a visitor, by yourself when staying elsewhere, or even simply made their way into your home through a connected property with bed bugs.

Bed bugs can get around with consummate ease and breed at a dizzying rate. As such, a small collection of bed bugs can soon become an infestation that occupies many or all of your rooms. Business owners in Clearwater dealing with bed bugs could have been brought in through various means. For example, a guest could have brought them in, a delivery shipment, or new furniture.

We often assume that bed bugs only stick to beds or old, smelly furniture. Bed bugs do not care if furniture, bedding, or properties are clean or dirty. They are here for one thing and one thing only – blood. As such, bed bugs can be just as easily found in an immaculate 5-star hotel in Clearwater as they can be found in something like an old, second-hand bed or couching unit that you buy.

Are Bed Bugs More Common In Clearwater Than Elsewhere?

This is a hard question to give a definitive answer to, but it can feel that way at times. Bed bugs can thrive in almost any environment, but they are known to love hot, humid environments. Given that Florida, especially Clearwater, can have this kind of environment all year round, it makes sense why bed bugs in Clearwater seem such a common problem these days.

Bed bugs are not just an issue for people in Clearwater. Ask any friends or family you have in places like Odessa, Largo, Indian Shores, Belleair, Tampa, and St. Petersburg; they will also have issues with bed bugs. Bed bugs are not a rare issue – around 1 in 5 of us have had to deal with bed bugs at one stage. The climate in Florida and especially in Clearwater, though, feels perfect for bed bugs to thrive in.

Why is heat treatment so effective if bed bugs love heat so much? That is a good question, too, but it has a clear answer. While they can survive in impressive heat, they are not impervious to heat completely. Take the bed bug out of its heat comfort zone, which our Heat Assault treatment does, and you kill them off effectively. Bed bugs are increasingly impervious to chemical treatments, but nothing will make them immune to being cooked from the inside!

With its 360+ days of sun per year, Clearwater is a haven for bed bugs looking for a place to build a thriving bed bug community. The humid nature of Clearwater, especially from June to September when the tropical seasonal elements are at their worst, can be the perfect breeding ground for these pests. Even in the coldest times of the year, Clearwater can experience daily temperatures of around 62F – unfortunately, that is more than enough for a bed bug colony to thrive in.

As beautiful as Clearwater is, it is, like most of Florida, the perfect place for bed bugs to come and reside. Another factor about Clearwater is that many homes were built between the 1940s and the 1990s. Add in the fact that over 42% of the city’s housing units are apartment buildings, where bed bugs can easily spread from apartment to apartment, and the problem becomes even more apparent.

While just over 12% of homes in the area have been built in the new millennium, this does not deter bed bugs. Bed bugs can thrive in an old house built in the post-war era just as easily as in a brand-new home with all its modern features and amenities. Where there is blood, unfortunately, there are likely to be bed bugs!

With 97% of America’s pest control companies having fought bed bugs in the last year alone, you are not alone in calling a pest specialist to deal with your problem. At BBE, we are here to help you no matter what kind of property you have or where you are based in Clearwater.

Clearwater Bed Bug FAQs

Unsure about anything else regarding bed bugs? Read these FAQs to get a better handle on the situation. Please contact the BBE team for advice if you have any other queries.

Can Bed Bugs Be Starved To Death?

If only! Bed bugs can survive for as long as three months without eating. Therefore, they can easily wait out your starvation techniques.

Do Bed Bugs Only Exist On Beds?

Unfortunately not. Bed bugs can be commonly found on our upholstery and even our clothing. Your floorboards and baseboards, too, can be common locations.

Do Bed Bugs Look For Dirty Homes/Businesses?

No, they do not care about the conditions that you live within. Bed bugs are happy to attack any property regardless of the condition that they find; if there is blood to drink, they will arrive with glee!

How Do I Prevent Bed Bugs From Arriving?

You cannot, not really. They are so numerous, hardy, and evasive that they can easily get into any property in Clearwater. If you have been traveling, we recommend checking your suitcase before leaving the hotel you stayed in and giving your luggage a thorough clean as soon as you get home.

If Bed Bugs Love Heat, Why Do Heat Treatments Work?

Bed bugs can handle a high heat level but not the level of heat that a professional heat treatment offers. By exceeding their bearable body temperature, heat treatments are proven and effective.

Can I Kill Bed Bugs By Turning Up My Heating?

No, that does not work. Bed bugs can resist all but the most invasive and difficult-to-handle temperatures. Turning your heating up to kill off bed bugs or using rented heating systems rarely, if ever, works. They do not reach the temperatures needed; however, our heat treatments for bed bugs manage that with ease.

Let BBE eradicate your bedbugs in Clearwater today!

You could have bed bugs if you own a small property, a caravan, a furniture business, or a 5-star hotel. Bed bugs will reside anywhere they can get their blood. Therefore, do not think your bed bug problem means you have a dirty home or business; bed bugs will reside even in the cleanest locales.

By reaching a temperature of 145F, our bed bug heat treatment solutions will make sure that your bed bugs are dealt with outright. This helps to kill off the entire infestation, ensuring that bed bugs only return to your home via a new infestation entirely. Instead of only killing off a portion of the brood, let us ensure that the entire infestation is eradicated in a safe, effective, and affordable manner.

You should only be worried about getting rid of the bed bugs once and for all. Contact the team at BBE today to discuss what we can do for you. Our professional bed bug heat treatment can help clean up your pest problem once and for all.

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