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If you live in any city in Pasco County and have a problem with bed bugs, we understand the stress you feel. At BBE, we have been dealing with bed bugs in Pasco County for many years. Our understanding of bed bugs, allied with our experience in dealing with them, makes us the perfect service to hire when you have this problem. Rest assured; you are not alone: Bed bugs are one of America’s most common pests.

Indeed, over 561,000 people live in Pasco County—with around one in five Americans dealing with bed bugs; this means over 110,000 people in Pasco County alone have either dealt with bed bugs or know someone who has. At BBE, we are an experienced extermination service that has been dealing with these irritants for many years. We have the best solutions to get rid of them for a prolonged period.

Sadly, due to the prominence of bed bugs in Pasco County, there is no way to stop them from entirely invading your property. Bed bugs can be brought into our homes and businesses without anyone even noticing. So small are bed bugs that they can easily hitch a ride on our transport, shipment, luggage, and even clothing. They are a menace and tend to stick around once they find a place they can call home.

When that happens to you, do not put up with the problem. Take action. Contact a specialist who deals with bed bugs in BBE. Today, we can give you all of the help and assistance that you need to get bed bugs under control. By using proven treatment and offering advice on prevention in the future, we can make sure you spend less time fretting about bed bugs. We also provide a 60-day guarantee of results.

Contact BBE today to arrange a property inspection. A member of our team will take a comprehensive look around your property and make sure any bed bugs we find are dealt with using heat treatment. 

Bed Bug Exterminator Pasco County, FL

Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Pasco County

Heat treatment is the ideal solution for bed bugs in Pasco County because it gets the job done at the first time of asking. By using Heat Assault, the premier solution for bed bugs, we bring the temperature of your home or business to close to 200F – sometimes even above. This works extremely well because heat is the one thing that bed bugs love but cannot withstand when the heat goes above 145F.

Our job is to ensure that your property reaches this level of heat, wiping out the bed bugs from young to adult. This is vital because other treatments, such as chemical solutions, do not impact eggs. Bed bugs tend to survive other treatments because the pesticides used only impact adults. As such, the youth soon break free from their eggs and begin the process anew. Heat impacts eggs.

Thus, heat treatment is the specialist solution that we always turn to when dealing with bed bugs. We believe that this is the most effective solution because it promises results in one visit while also avoiding the use of toxic chemicals. While there are no residual chemicals to help prevent short-term returns from bed bugs, there is no risk of anyone being poisoned or harmed by the chemicals that are used.

Instead, heat treatment kills off bed bugs in their entirety. Since the whole property is heated, there is nowhere for them to hide. The conditions become unsuitable for bed bugs, killing them off and ensuring that no eggs are left to hatch. With heat treatment, the only possibility for bed bugs to return is through reinfestation. With our heat treatment, you also get a 60-day guarantee that bed bugs won’t return.

Why Hire BBE For Bed Bug Treatment in Pasco County?

We understand that hiring someone to deal with bed bugs in Pasco County can be a daunting experience. You want to make sure that your money goes far and that the professionals you hire can be trusted to do the job properly. As such, we offer a comprehensive bed bug treatment that can get to the heart of the matter. This results in rapid results, exceptional consistency, and removal of bed bugs of any age.

The reasons why people tend to hire us and recommend us to their friends and family include:

We have the experience to deal with bed bugs from their eggshells to their adult form

We provide a service that is affordable, reliable, and transparent every step of the way

Our non-toxic solutions get rid of bed bugs in an efficient manner without causing harm

Nothing we do has an impact on the environment except for getting rid of a real pest

Treatment administered by us is done in a way that is focused and thorough in results

Arrivals are managed in the most discreet manner possible to remove any potential risk

We work quickly so that you can get back to enjoying life free from annoying bed bugs

 Each service we provide comes with a 60-day guarantee that the bed bugs are gone

We offer useful advice on how to further prevent bed bugs from re-appearing in the future

Bed bugs are a serious blight on our homes, businesses, and quality of life. When left to rot, though, bed bugs will build up their numbers quickly, and thus, a small bed bug problem can become an infestation. They do not mess around; they stick to the place that gives them a home, and they have no problem returning for more blood when required. So, waiting out a bed bug infestation is not possible.

You need a service built around delivering meaningful results that get your home cleared of bed bugs quickly and in a timely manner. Everything we do at BBE, then, is built around ensuring that this is the case, no matter how challenging. Regardless of the scale of the infestation, we can handle it.

If you have a problem with bed bugs, we make sure that it can be dealt with quickly and with guaranteed results.

The Five-Step Process to Erasing Bed Bugs in Pasco County

To make sure that bed bugs do not come back within a minimum of 60 days, we use a tried and tested process that gets rid of bed bugs big and small. The service that we offer tends to focus on delivering treatment that includes:

This service is built around ensuring that you spend less time dealing with bed bugs and more time enjoying quality sleep at night. Whether you have bed bugs at home that are chomping you and your loved ones as you sleep or you have them in your business that are harming your reputation, we can help. Book an inspection today, and we can begin our five-step process to remove bed bugs ASAP.

Things To Know About Bed Bugs in Pasco County

Knowing what you are up against is important when dealing with a pest like bed bugs. These critters tend to be quite easily mistaken for other pests, so we always look to give you information on what you are dealing with. Our advice would be to think about the following questions to help determine if the problem you have is, in fact, bed bugs. Unsure or need confirmation? Contact BBE to arrange an inspection today.

Are Bed Bugs Large?

Since bed bugs are only around the size of an apple seed, it is easy to mistake them for another pest. However, the easiest way to tell if you have bed bugs comes down to the color. They are usually a red-brown shade or, at their youngest, translucent and lacking in color. They are not especially large, so it can be hard to spot individual bed bugs. Large groups of bed bugs, though, are impossible to miss.

How Do I Know I Have Bed Bugs in Pasco County?

You will know that you have bed bugs because they leave behind what we address as their ‘calling card’ – clear signs of bed bug infestation in Pasco County. Typically, we recommend that you look out for some of the following signs of a bed bug infestation:

Blood or dark spots appearing on your bed sheets or the furniture they have invaded

Zig-zap pattern bite marks that often appear in threes on areas bed bugs can access

Sickly sweet smells that stick to the air and can be hard to disguise with deodorant/fresheners

Eggshells and other molted skin showing you that recent hatchlings have grown in size

Visible bed bugs moving around – this is most common at night and in larger infestations

Heat Assault Treatment Pasco County

If you spot even a single one of these signs, we highly recommend that you book an inspection. We can help you verify whether you have bed bugs in Pasco County. This will then mean that we can book you in for a heat treatment ASAP to get to work on making sure the bed bugs are removed in time.

What Makes Bed Bugs So Common in Pasco County?

The main reason bed bugs in Pasco County tend to be so common is the heat. The weather here can be incredible, with average temperatures reaching as high as 82F in July. Even in the summertime, we can expect temperatures in the region of 59F—this is more than warm enough to make bed bugs feel very much at home. The weather conditions here absolutely play a role in attracting pests.

Bed bugs, particularly the tropical bed bug, tend to be quite common here as they are drawn to the heat. The bad news is that most bed bug species in Florida are increasingly resistant to pesticides and also breed more often than bed bugs found elsewhere. These tropical bed bugs hail from South America and Asia and are deemed to be some of the most prolific bed bugs out there.

How Can Bed Bugs Enter My Property?

Bed bugs usually find their way into your property by coming in from another building. If you own an apartment building, for example, they could have come in from a nearby building or even the apartment next door. This is why bed bugs can become increasingly common in housing estates. If you have a bed bug problem, speak to your neighbors and nearby locals; they might also have the same problem.

Another issue is that bed bugs tend to be quite drawn to people because we are their main source of food. As ectoparasites, bed bugs stick to our exteriors and drain as much blood as they can. Bed bugs, then, can easily transit into Pasco County via various means. They could attach themselves to someone staying in a hotel, or they could arrive hidden away in a shipment brought in via land, sea, or even air.

As such, bed bugs usually enter through small cracks in the building or on a person.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

While bed bug bites are not going to kill you, they can become inflamed and infected if you do not care for them. Some people also suffer from allergic reactions to bed bug bites, which might require treatment. The main problem that bed bugs bring, though, is a constant draining of your energy. This means that you might wake up and feel more tired than you should; the biting and blood-draining causes lethargy.

Do Bed Bugs Mean I Am Messy or Dirty?

While bed bugs tend to thrive in dirtier locales, they are not specifically drawn to messy or cluttered properties. This is why we regularly have to provide bed bug services in Pasco County to hotels and hospitals. Bed bugs can find their way into flashy properties that are properly looked after and cleaned on a regular basis. Bed bugs alone do not mean that you are untidy or unkempt; you are just unlucky.

Why Should I Avoid Chemical Treatment for Pasco County Bed Bugs?

Chemical treatments are no longer as useful as they once were; many breeds of bed bugs in Pasco County tend to be resistant to pesticides. Besides, bed bug eggs are not impacted by the use of pesticides. This means that while chemical treatment will kill off the adults, the young soon hatch and begin the cycle anew. There are also valid concerns about the environmental impact of using chemicals for bed bugs.

Another issue with chemicals is that they often need to be used more than once. For example, a service providing chemical treatment for bed bugs in Pasco County will have to come back more than once. This results in chemicals being used regularly, leaving residual chemicals. Some believe this helps to prevent future infestations, but it also risks your health and well-being and those of your pets. 

With heat treatment, though, even the eggs are destroyed to stop the next generation from hatching.

Do I Need to Get Rid of Furniture Impacted by Bed Bugs?

No, thankfully not. Any furniture that has been infected by bed bugs can be cleaned with steam. After you have used our service for heat treatment, undergo a professional cleaning service. This will ensure that all bed bugs are gone and that any potential bed bug presence is further wiped away.

Contact A Specialist in Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Pasco County

If you have bed bugs, the last thing you want to do is try and tackle the problem on your own. DIY solutions never work, and cheap remedies found in-store tend to only get rid of a tiny portion of the problem. When you need to make sure that bed bugs are exterminated in full, you need heat treatment. This is the only proven method on the market for getting rid of bed bugs at all stages of life.

With heat treatment, you guarantee the extermination of bed bugs for a minimum of 60 days. You also get to benefit from our advice and ideas on how you can potentially reduce the risk of bed bugs returning in the future. We make sure that you can use a service that is all about reducing stress, maximizing results, and ensuring that you no longer have to put up with bed bugs biting you, your family, and/or your guests.

Contact us today for experts with years of experience tackling bed bugs across Pasco County. We can start an inspection for you as soon as we can. This will let you know what the problem is, how severe the infestation is, and what we can do to make sure the problem comes to an end.

Bed bugs will not clear up on their own, so do not delay in contacting us for information and advice. We can help you to make sure that your bed bug problem becomes a thing of the past so you can sleep soundly again.

Specialist Support for Bed Bugs in Pasco County & Nearby

Pasco County is a big place, but do not worry; we have you covered. We cover every city, community, and town in Pasco County, including Wesley Chapel, Land O’ Lakes, Bayonet Point, Jasmine Estates, New Port Ritchey, River Ridge, Hudson, Shady Hills, Trinity, and Odessa.

We cover Pasco County and Florida, though. Contact us today, wherever you happen to be based, from Dade City to Port Ritchey to San Antonio and St. Leo. Our service extends to where you are, and we can make sure that your bed bug problems will soon be a thing of the past.