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Tampa Bed Bug Exterminator

For anyone who owns a property in Tampa, FL, you will have likely dealt with bed bugs at one stage. These blights are some of the most resilient creatures we can come across in our homes and places of business. Indeed, around 20% of Americans, in general, have dealt with bed bugs at least once. Bed bugs can blight your life when left to fester and live unimpeded.

That is why anyone with problems with Tampa bed bugs should contact BBE. We are your go-to exterminator of bed bugs in Tampa, helping the 398,000+ individuals across all of Tampa’s 190 neighborhoods deal with bed bugs when they arise. Given that Tampa has such a large at-home workforce, bed bugs can be a common problem for Tampa residents who bring them into their homes from rare commutes to the office, or when staying in hospitality.

We help everyone in Tampa to deal with bed bugs. From young individuals moving to start their lives in this amazing city to those moving from nearby areas, temporarily or permanently, to settle down in the Tampa sunshine, we offer proven and effective treatments to eradicate bed bugs in Tampa for good.

Bed Bug Exterminator Tampa, FL

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs With Tampa Bed Bug Heat Treatments

At BBE, we are proven experts at dealing with the blight of bed bugs. We understand that if you want to get rid of bed bugs, you want a cost-effective and reliable treatment. Nobody wants to invest their hard-earned money into a bed bug treatment in Tampa that does not fully kill off the bed bug infestation. For that reason, we use a Tampa bed bug heat treatment that is as efficient as possible.

Instead of using at-home electric heaters that fail to reach the right level of discomfort (for the bed bugs, not for you), we use Heat Assault. Heat Assault is a proven bed bug eradication method, reaching temperatures as high as 145F. This eradicates bed bugs at a rapid rate and also does the same to their eggs, stopping the younglings from surviving and hatching later and starting the problem anew.

The main issue with most bed bug treatments is that they kill off the bed bugs completely. Instead, they simply kill off the adult cycle that is present. With a Tampa bed bug heat treatment, though, you make sure that the bed bugs are killed off at all life cycles, bringing the problem to a close long-term.

Why Select BBE As Your Tampa Bed Bug Solution?

Getting rid of bed bugs is not something that you should take lightly. When you commit to killing off bed bugs, you want expert support from professionals who do the job properly. If you are looking for a specialist bed bug service that uses Heat Assault, then our service guarantees a solution that:

Proven. With years of expertise in providing Tampa bed bugs with nowhere to go, we are proven to end this horrifying problem once and for all.

Active. Once notified of your Tampa bed bug problem, we will be there as soon as possible to provide a rapid result to kill off those bugs ASAP.

Effective. Our treatments come with a 60-day guarantee of removal of bed bugs from your home, providing you with long-term peace of mind and comfort.

Affordable. We ensure our Tampa bed bug treatment plans are as affordable as possible. This helps you to get proven results at a fair price point.

Discreet. Instead of appearing in marked BBE equipment, we arrive in unmarked vehicles – now, the neighbors won’t be gossiping about your bed bugs!

Detailed. Instead of using a scorched earth policy for Tampa bed bugs, we operate a proven treatment that removes the risk of collateral damage to you or your family.

Ethical. Instead of chemical treatments that could cause potential health hazards later down the line, we use non-chemical and ethical treatments.

Bed Bug Exterminator Tampa, FL (

The Proven Five-Step Process BBE Uses For Tampa Bed Bugs

Having worked in the industry for years, we have a proven treatment method that we know we can deliver for the people of Tampa. Homes in Tampa cost an average of $400,000; you do not want bed bugs to hang around your home or business. As such, we use a method that is as effective for Hyde Park residents as for those on the Davis Islands or the Dana Shores!

To that end, we use a five-step process that kills off bed bugs and ensures you can look forward to a comfortable quality of life at home again. Our five-step process involves:

Tampa Bed Bugs: The Key Facts You Need To Know

If you want to ensure that you get rid of Tampa bed bugs once and for all, it pays to know what you are dealing with. Here are some useful insights about Tampa bed bugs:

The Commonality Of Tampa Bed Bugs

Tampa is a location where many of the homes in the region were developed between 1970 and 1999. This means that while homes in the area are of a high standard and relatively modern, they are made with notches and styles perfect for bed bugs to move around. While Tampa has a small portion of homes built in the aftermath of the Second World War, where bed bugs tend to thrive most, the large number of homes built between 1970 and 1999 is an important deciding factor in Tampa bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not an issue that only impacts Tampa residents. All cities nearby in Florida, across America, and even worldwide deal with bed bugs. However, Floridian towns like Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg suffer more from bed bugs because the climate of Florida is perfect for bed bugs. Ironically, despite being victims of heat treatment, bed bugs thrive in humid and hot environments.

Whether you live in Tampa or have come here from places like Seminole or Orlando, you will have dealt with bed bugs at one stage – or, at least, you will know someone who has. Bed bugs also tend to thrive in Tampa because it is one of the major tourist hubs of the state of Florida. The weather, mixed with the many visitors who could bring bed bugs, creates the perfect conditions.

Living in Tampa provides almost year-long sunshine, which has many benefits. One of the drawbacks is how drawn to the heat and the humidity bed bugs are. The location from the Gulf Coast means that Tampa, with average temperatures of 71F to 91F and the tropical nature of the weather here, brings out a huge bed bug presence in the area.

While bed bugs will settle in almost any property they can come across, even new homes built after the 2000s, you should always watch for their awful presence. Homes suffering from cracks in the foundations or walls, even baseboards, can invite bed bugs in.

With around 97% of bed bug companies in the USA saying they have dealt with bed bugs in the past year alone, this is a nationwide problem, not just for residents of Tampa. Still, that does not mean you should ignore the matter!

The Commonality Of Tampa Bed Bugs

With a median price value of around $400,341, Tampa residents are buying above-average properties for the nationwide average. As such, you want to do all you can to keep that property value as high as possible. Well, having bed bugs will not help keep that value strong!

As such, you should watch closely for potential bed bugs in Tampa. Some of the most common signs that you have bed bugs include:

Spots of blood appearing on your bed – these bugs have likely been squashed overnight

A musky smell that accompanies these small spots of blood appearing on your bed/furniture

Eggshells appearing either on your bedsheets or on the floor – regularly spotted when cleaning

The presence of bitemarks appearing on your skin, mostly on back, arms, and your legs

Bitemarks that appear on any part of your skin that is accessible while you are sleeping in bed

Though rare, you might see bed bugs moving around – more common in infestations

If you spot issues like this, it would be wise to call BBE to arrange a comprehensive bed bug inspection. Once we are in place, we can provide you with the solutions you need via heat treatment. Let us know where bug bugs are appearing, and we can investigate the source of the issue.

Once the source is identified, we can put a bed bug heat treatment in Tampa.

Bed Bug Treatment Tampa, FL

Understanding Bed Bug Arrivals In Tampa

It is common to assume that, thanks to the presence of bed bugs, your Tampa property must be unkempt or dirty. This, though, is not the case. As mentioned, Tampa is where many people telecommute to their jobs; this means many people pick them up in offices and hotels and when traveling across the state or the wider USA.

Bed bugs can get into your home in many ways. They can travel in your luggage, clothes, or even via furniture you buy. Most assume this is only the case with second-hand furniture, but even brand-new furniture can suffer from bed bugs.

No matter how those bed bugs make their way into your Tampa property, it makes sense to have them eradicated. If you have an attached home to another property, they could sneak through underneath the floorboards from one house to another; bed bugs are some of the most mobile pests!

Should You Worry About Tampa Bed Bugs?

Aside from being unsightly and almost impossible to move on without taking action, bed bugs are not necessarily dangerous. Bed bugs bite, though, as the old saying goes, and those bites can irritate. Those bite marks could become infected if they are overly scratched or annoyed further. Generally, though, bed bugs are not a dangerous species – they are just very annoying!

One thing you can dismiss, though, is the myth that bed bugs live in unclean structures. They are not termites; they have no interest in wood or structural decay. They feast on the blood of people, as horrifying as that is. As such, a bed bug heat treatment in Tampa should be your #1 priority once you spot bed bugs infesting any part of your home or business.

If you are going through any property inspection, be it a hospitality venue or a home, you want to avoid bed bugs being discovered. They carry a nasty reputation, even if they can be drawn to immaculate premises that are otherwise spotless. Bed bugs, though, can make buyers of your property doubt the quality of your location. With Tampa real estate appreciating by over 185% in the last decade alone, you want to keep your Tampa property’s price as high as possible!

Bed bugs loitering around will make it hard to sell your home, whether it is one of Tampa’s many semi-detached homes or one of its high-rise apartment blocks. The sooner these Tampa bed bugs are dealt with, the sooner you can look forward to a stress-free sale and move on with your real estate portfolio project. If you run any hospitality or commercial establishment, you should worry about Tampa bed bugs because the reputational damage their discovery can create is immense.

As such, you should not delay using the most effective form of eradication – a bed bug heat treatment in Tampa. The sooner you have that treatment, the sooner this problem will disappear!

DIY Treatments For Tampa Bed Bugs: Are They Worthwhile?

You might assume that you could, for example, rent some electric heaters to ‘burn out’ the bed bugs. However, almost all heater rental services provide you with non-commercial standard heating. The bed bugs are far less likely to be wiped out. The same goes for chemical treatments and over-the-counter remedies for Tampa bed bugs; they often are ineffective and offer little longevity.

Your money is valuable; you should spend that money on a bed bug heat treatment in Tampa. This is much more likely to provide a greater long-term return for your investment and eliminate the problem for longer. Why settle for second-best?

Why Chemical Treatments For Tampa Bed Bugs Should Be Avoided

If you are looking for the most brute-force treatment, it would make sense to consider a chemical cocktail. However, chemicals are no longer the most effective way to eliminate Tampa bed bugs – not by a long shot. Instead, the secret to killing off Tampa bed bugs once and for all is to use something proven, such as heat treatments. Chemical treatments are not recommended by BBE because:

  • Chemicals contain damaging ingredients that harm our environment.
  • Chemicals can bring contamination into the air, causing potential problems.
  • Collateral damage is common, with children and pets potentially impacted.
  • Only adult bed bugs are killed with chemicals; the younglings hide and wait.
  • This means the bed bugs will return as soon as they reach maturity.


As such, such treatments are short-term in their fixability of the problem and come with more risks than any heat treatment would. Chemical treatment for bed bugs in Tampa is NOT recommended as it is ineffective, selective, expensive, and often needs follow-up appointments to get anything like the same impact as Tampa heat treatments for bed bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tampa Bed Bugs

Are you having a hard time understanding the presence and persistence of bed bugs in Tampa? Fear not. Use these FAQs to resolve queries, or contact BBE if you have a specific query.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into My Tampa Property?

They could have arrived via someone bringing them into your home unknowingly. Or, they might have come in through cracks in the foundations, floorboards, or gaps from your property to the next. 

Can bedbugs in Tampa be stopped completely?

Unfortunately, no. Bed bugs in Tampa and across Florida, including cities like Brandon, Clearwater, Riverview, St. Petersburg, and Odessa, all suffer from bed bug problems. Indeed, they are commonly found in homes (91% of reported pest control jobs in homes in the USA have been for bed bugs) and hotels (68%) at one stage or another.

How Can I Stop Bed Bugs From Spreading?

Most of the time, you are reliant on simple things like using protective coverings on your luggage, double-checking your luggage and furniture before leaving anywhere you are staying, thoroughly washing all of your luggage, clothing, and furniture/upholstery once you get home; and using protective casings on furniture like your sofas and mattresses.

Can Bed Bugs Be Starved To Death?

If only! Bed bugs are some of the most infamous patient pests worldwide. They can last for up to three months without eating, by which point they will mature enough to return to your bed and other furniture. Heat treatments are the only way to kill off all ages of bed bugs.

What About Burning Bed Bugs?

Avoid using an actual flame treatment due to the obvious worry of collateral damage. Since bed bugs can survive in anything from near-freezing temperatures to 122F, we need to use very specific and powerful heating systems – such as Heat Assault – to give them an unmanageable heat death.

Where Are Bed Bugs Most Common?

Given that they are found in every state in America, the states that seem to be the most prominent for their presence are those in the Midwest and the South. It is believed that Chicago might be the most bed bug-infested city in America, though this changes year-on-year. Florida, though, boasts three cities in the top 50 in America – including Tampa!

Do Bed Bug Bites Hurt?

They can certainly feel tender and itch, but it would be rare for a bed bug bite to wake you up with the intensity of the pain. They can become inflamed and infected if you pick at the bite, though, so you should make sure that you keep a close eye on any bed bug bites that you receive.

Why Do Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back?

If you live at home and bed bugs are reappearing, it is likely down to ineffective treatment, allowing some of the nest to escape. For those in the hospitality sector or those with a high-traffic household with many people coming in and out, it could simply be down to bad luck with people bringing the bed bugs with them when they visit.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Bed Bugs?

Generally, it would be best if you focused on learning more about bed bugs by checking out our comprehensive all-in-one guide. This guide to bed bugs is perfect for anyone in Florida who wants to know their enemy before committing to a certain treatment.

Ready To Get Rid Of Your Bed Bugs In Tampa?

As you can see, bed bugs are a blight on the good people of Tampa and across Florida. From people in Brandon to those in Temple Terrace, bed bugs are a common problem. As such, you need to find a long-term effective treatment without being risky, dangerous, or needlessly expensive. At BBE, we have the treatment that you need!

Thanks to our bed bug heat treatment in Tampa, you can make sure that this problem comes to an end. It does not matter if you stay in Belmar Shore, Bayshore Beautiful, West Park Village, Palma Ceia, Harbor Island, or anywhere else: if you have bed bugs in Tampa, we can help you remove them permanently.

Using those 145F temperatures, we can ensure that your problems with these vermin become a thing of the past. Bed bugs could be appearing in a glitzy 5-star hotel, or they could be appearing in a dilapidated house that you are selling for cash. Bed bugs do not care about conditions; they care about the availability of blood!

No matter where you are in Tampa, using our bed bug heat treatment in Tampa can be the solution you need to end this headache of a problem.

The sooner you get in touch with BBE, the quicker we can work together to put in place a solution to eradicate these pests once and for all. Get rid of the problem and remove both an unsightly issue in your home and a permanent problem that could make your day-to-day life miserable. Also, make sure that your home or business is never impacted reputationally or in terms of property value by getting rid of bed bugs by using our bed bug heat treatment in Tampa.

Bring An End To Bed Bugs In Tampa, FL!

Contact our team at BBE, and we can ensure you get all the help and support you need to remove these bed bugs once and for all. Whatever member of the 398,000-plus population of the area you are, we can give you the support and assistance you need to kill off any bed bugs in Tampa. Using our effective bed bug heat treatment in Tampa removes the risk of contamination or collateral damage.

The result is a proven form of treatment that kills bed bugs and ensures they stop bothering you once and for all.

Tampa is home to some amazing places to live and to work, including:

Heat Assault Treatment Tampa
Tampa Bed Bug Treatment

Based in any of these neighborhoods or anywhere else in Tampa? Give us a call. Our expertise can ensure that you can stop the infestation you have on your hands at source, making your life much easier and thus removing one of the most common blights for Floridians up and down the state.

If you are in any of these cities or other cities nearby Tampa, contact BBE. We cover huge swathes of Florida, offering our expertise and bed bug heat treatments where and when needed. No matter how significant or severe the infestation is, contact us to discuss what we can do for you. We also help people based in ZIP codes all across Tampa, including:

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I’m not sure if we cover where you are based in Tampa. Fear not. Indeed, we cover the whole city of Tampa, FL, as well as nearby cities such as:

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