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Bed Bug Removal in Dunedin, FL

Exterminate Your Bed Bugs In Dunedin With BBE

Plant City has a rich, exciting history. After all, it is the global capital of winter strawberries. Living here is a fantastic experience, with a subtropical climate that ensures we enjoy that typically amazing Floridian weather. However, one problem that can catch any Plant City resident off guard is the consequence of this beautiful weather: bed bugs in Plant City!

At BBE, we regularly deal with Florida residents across the Tampa Bay area and beyond. We help them deal with bed bug infestations of all sizes, from small infestations in a one-bedroom property to large-scale infestations taking over commercial enterprises. Bed bugs are naturally drawn to the wonderful weather and density of Plant City, which means running into problems with bed bugs is common.

Indeed, it is estimated that around 1 in 5 Americans have dealt with bed bugs at one point. With over 40,000 residents in Plant City, this means that around 8,000 of our fellow Plant City residents have had to deal with the discovery of bed bugs.

If you want to eliminate the problem, you need expert support. You need assistance from trusted experts who can professionally remove bed bugs.

Remove Bed Bugs For Good With Heat Assault

The main form of bed bug treatment we use is Heat Assault. Heat Assault is perfect for use in Dunedin, ensuring that the whole colony of bed bugs is attacked instead of only the visible few. The average bed bug can create hundreds of eggs in its lifespan, so we need to be as efficient as possible when we want to eradicate bed bugs en masse. This is where we come in.

Using the most effective treatment guarantees that your home or business is free of bed bugs in Dunedin for a minimum of 60 days. This leaves you with peace of mind that your property is no longer infested with these frustrating pests. Bed bugs can get into our properties in many ways, but the main issue is not stopping them from entering as removing them once they settle in.

Using Heat Assault, the most proven form of heat treatment for bed bugs in Dunedin, we kick the temperature up a notch. This temperature reaches an incredible 145F, ensuring the bed bugs are essentially cooked from the inside. This guarantees that the bed bugs will be removed en masse, greatly reducing the risk that any survive to begin the cycle anew.

Contact us today at BBE to discuss any problems you have with bed bugs in Dunedin. We will ensure you get the help, support, and assistance you need to end the problem.

What Can BBE Do For Your Bed Bug Problems In Dunedin?

Whether based in the city center or on the Dunedin Isles, you will likely have confronted bed bugs at least once. It might have been in your home, your place of work, a furniture store, or a hotel you stayed in. Bed bugs are a species that just 3% of surveyed pest control experts say they have not faced in the last year; they are one of the most common problems to face off against in Florida today.

At BBE, we are regarded as your best choice in the local area to get rid of bed bugs in Dunedin. Why? What do we offer that makes us the perfect choice for getting rid of bed bugs as soon as possible?

For one, we have the experience. We have used various treatments over the years, leading us to confirm that heat treatment for bed bugs in Dunedin is the best place to start.

Our team has worked together for years, meaning we have a cohesive methodology for getting rid of bed bug infestations in Dunedin, no matter how severe.

At the same time, we are based nearby. We want the local area to be as clear of bed bugs as possible, so we work tirelessly to ensure this can be the case moving forward.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure the job is done right to avoid needless repeat appointments. This provides at least 60 days of peace and freedom from bed bugs.

Our results are proven because we use Heat Assault, the most powerful heat treatment for bed bugs. This can make sure that the problem you face is dealt with.

Pricing is fair and transparent throughout so that you know exactly what you need to pay to get rid of your bed bugs in Dunedin. This keeps the price affordable overall.

We ensure that our team never arrives and advertises your problem to the locals; you never need to worry about anyone knowing you have bed bugs in Dunedin!

By avoiding toxic chemical treatment for bed bugs in Dunedin, we ensure that your property is never compromised by using potentially dangerous solutions.

Bed Bug Treatment Dunedin, FL

The Five Steps BBE Uses To Remove Bed Bugs In Dunedin

The BBE team uses a proven five-step process to ensure that you can look forward to complete freedom from bed bugs. Whether you are looking for help with bed bugs in Dunedin Northwest or facing the problem of having bed bugs in Overcash Drive, we can help you out.

To get rid of bed bugs in Dunedin with the utmost efficiency, we have mastered a five-step solution that removes the problem once and for all. When you hire us, the process goes a little like this:

What Do You Need To Know About Bed Bugs In Dunedin?

We understand you might be worried about finding bed bugs in your Dunedin property. Believe us, you are not alone: around 1 in 5 residents have dealt with bed bugs at home or in their business. To help you be ready to take action, here are some important things to know about bed bugs:

Bed Bugs Love Dunedin’s Weather

Given the stunning weather that is part of life in Dunedin, you might not be surprised to know that bed bugs love it here. Bed bugs love the heat and humidity of Florida, especially places like Dunedin. For that reason, bed bugs are naturally drawn to this part of the country and arrive here en masse. Add in that the community is relatively dense, too, and Dunedin is perfect for bud bugs (sadly).

Bed bugs need the weather to thrive. The favorable climate allows them to survive in any location with a potential food source they can use when required. Since bed bugs can go months without feeding, with an average of 100 days, they can easily wait out a food source. This is one of the many reasons why bed bugs appear a common pest for Dunedin residents!

Bug Begs Always Find A Way In

Dunedin is a fairly old-school place, with over 85% of its properties built between 1940 and 1999. This means many of these properties now have cracks in the wood or foundation gaps. These small gaps are just enough for a bed bug to fit in. Once even a few bed bugs get in, though, it is no longer before there are many more—potentially hundreds—roaring around your property.

Over 35% of properties in the city are apartment blocks, too, which makes it easy for bed bugs to get between properties. Even semi-detached homes can be easy for bed bugs to reach, as they do not mind traveling outdoors in the Dunedin sunshine. For that reason, bed bugs can easily get into your home or business. Even if you cover up every crack and gap, they will find a way in somehow!

Bed Bugs Can Ruin Your Sleep

One of the first things to note is that bed bugs are not necessarily dangerous, they can impact sleeping quality. Unlike other pests, they do not carry diseases or conditions that could make you ill. When bitten by a bed bug, you run the risk of an allergic reaction. That could see you fall sick and need immediate medical supervision: for most, though, the worst part of bed bugs is biting.

Those bites, though, can be sore enough to stay awake at night. This means losing quality hours of sleep every day, which will catch up with you sooner rather than later. That is why, at BBE, we recommend that you take the removal of bed bugs in Dunedin very seriously. Please do not allow your quality of rest to be ruined by their annoying presence; contact BBE to take action and get rid of them ASAP!

No, the good news with bed bugs is that they are not interested in eating your property. They do not even eat the fibers of your bedding, clothing, furniture, etc.

Instead, bed bugs want one thing: your blood. This means that while they will not chew through your floorboards or weaken your foundations, they will persistently drain your blood. The property damage that a bed bug causes is to your own body. This makes removing them a priority for sure!

Bed Bugs Need To Be Treated Seriously

You might assume you can ignore their presence since bed bugs are less dangerous than other pests. However, bed bugs have every likelihood of ruining your quality of sleep and leaving you with painful bite marks. If these bites get infected, then the problem can become even worse. As such, you want to do everything possible to prevent that problem from cropping up.

Bed bugs are not something to ignore. Once they appear, they need to be given effective and proven treatment to kill them off. They can be damaging to your quality of life and also to your reputation. Trying to sell a home in Dunedin with bed bugs present can be tough. So can trying to run a business with bed bugs be an easy way to hurt your reputation and put guests/clients off?

Bed Bug Removal in Dunedin, FL

The Right Treatment Is Essential For Dunedin’s Bed Bugs

You might consider using a basic DIY treatment you have found or turning to high-impact chemical treatments. DIY treatments are almost placebo-like in their effectiveness; they tend to kill only the most visible bed bugs, giving the remaining bugs ample opportunity to hide so they can then resume their reign of terror shortly afterward. DIY treatments are simply not effective.

Chemical treatments for bed bugs in Dunedin are more effective than over-the-counter solutions, but not by much. Chemical treatments are also poor for the environment and require our properties to be closed over while the work is done. This means having to leave your home or close your business while treatment is used; treatment that is often ineffective at killing off the entirety of the bed bugs present.

Instead, we recommend using proven and effective heat treatment for bed bugs in Dunedin. Heat treatment reaches a temperature of around 145F, which is too much for even the hardiest bed bugs to handle. While other forms of treatment leave bed bugs roaming around and rarely, if ever, kill off the next generation, heat treatments are a proven method of all-around wipe-out for bed bugs of all ages.

Heat treatments are ideal for properly getting rid of bed bugs. That is why we only use heat treatments for bed bugs in Dunedin at BBE.

Spotting Bed Bugs Can Be Easy

The good news? Finding out whether you have bed bugs or not is quite easy. You must pay attention to some signs that indicate bed bugs in Dunedin. For example, if you have found any blood spots or brown spots on your bedding or furniture, this is a sign that you have either been bitten or bed bugs are depositing fecal matter all over your bed or furniture!

The other sign that you have bed bugs is a strong and musky smell in the air that you will likely find impossible to ignore. When a scent like this begins to stick around in the air, it is the clearest sign that you are dealing with bed bugs in considerable numbers. Thankfully, the smell alone makes it easy to tell something is wrong so that you can finally take action to remove those bed bugs in Dunedin.

In more serious outbreaks, you might even notice bed bugs moving around (especially at night). You could also find molted skin or eggshells. Give your bedding and furniture where you think you have bed bugs a good shake, too, and you might even see the bugs moving around. These are the clearest signs that you have bed bugs in Dunedin, so keep an eye out for these signs!

Have you spotted any of the above signs and want to take action? Contact BBE to arrange an investigation of your property for bed bugs in Dunedin.

Commonly Asked Queries About Dunedin Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an invasive species around the country and bother people of all ages and lifestyles. With that in mind, we want to address some of the most commonly asked questions about bed bugs we receive from clients. Some of these queries include:

When Are Bed Bugs Most Active?

For the most part, bed bugs come out of their hiding most prominently during the evening. However, for more severe bed bug infestations, they might even be visible during the day—this is when you are most likely to spot a bed bug due to the improved visibility of the daytime.

Can I Starve Bed Bugs To Kill Them?

It has never been proven to be very effective at all. Bed bugs live in our blood and can take much blood relative to their body weight. This means that bed bugs can easily drain some blood, hideaway for days – even weeks – and return for more when needed.

Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous?

To put your health at risk, you would need to have an allergic reaction or suffer from an infection. For the most part, though, bed bug bites are simply painful and annoying. They appear as small, raised bite marks that leave either a straight-line or zig-zag shape.

Should I Move Rooms If I Find Bed Bugs?

Unfortunately, this does not work. Bed bugs will simply follow you from one room to the next, which is why starving them is futile. You need to wipe them out to get rid of them; bed bugs will not move on unless you make it impossible for them to stay.

Do I Need To Remove Furniture With Bed Bugs On It?

No, you do not need to remove any furniture with bed bugs. When treated with Heat Assault, bed bugs should disappear quickly, which means that your furniture can return to being used as you intended.

How Many Bed Bug Eggs Can One Bug Create?

The average bed bug can create 200 to 500 eggs in its lifetime. This is why treatment and removal of bed bugs are essential; they will continue to reproduce in massive numbers if you do not take action.

Do Bed Bugs Mean My Property Is Dirty?

No, not at all! Bed bugs can come into the properties of any condition. They are hardworking and resilient, meaning they can just as easily survive in a derelict warehouse as in a superb hotel building. So long as there is access to blood to live on, bed bugs can thrive anywhere in Dunedin!

Can I Heat Treat Bed Bugs Myself?

It is unlikely. Turning up your heating is not enough, and most rented heating systems are not strong enough. You need something powerful and effective, something that is proven to get rid of bed bugs of all ages and infestations of any size—something like Heat Assault!

Do You Need Expert Help To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Dunedin?

You are not alone if you have a problem with bed bugs at home or in your business. Bed bugs can plague almost anyone in the Dunedin area, and bed bugs are a common problem in Florida. The time to act is as soon as you think you might have bed bugs: the longer you wait, the more challenging it becomes to deal with the issue. At BBE, we recommend you book in for an investigation ASAP.

Our team can evaluate your property and determine whether there is a bed bug presence and what must be done to remove it. Once properly assessed and investigated, we can implement a solution to eliminate the bed bugs. Using Heat Assault, we can remove bed bugs from any part of your property. It does not matter how many bed bugs you have or how long they have been there; we can help.

Contact BBE today to discuss our bed bug services in Dunedin. As soon as we get started, we can work to eradicate the issue and leave you with complete peace of mind again.

Free Yourself From Bed Bug Infestations Starting Today

All it takes is one call to BBE, and you can soon find out where your bed bug problem comes from. Then, we can put in place a proven solution to help kill off bed bugs of almost any kind or style. We cover all parts of Dunedin, including:

Heat Assault Treatment Dunedin

We cover EVERY part of Dunedin, including every ZIP code covered within the city. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • 33697
  • 33763
  • 34683
  • 34698

What about if you are just outside of Dunedin? Fear not. We also cover all nearby cities and towns near and close to Dunedin, including:

Your Dunedin Bed Bug Free Home

Whether based in Plant City or nearby, contact BBE today to discuss the most effective solution to your bed bugs!