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Regarding life in Palm Harbor, there is much to enjoy about life here. This beautiful coastal town has enjoyed much growth over the last while, boasting a population of over 61,000 people. The proximity to the coast and the natural beauty of the overall area make Palm Harbor a great place to live. There is, though, one problem that you might run into when living here – bed bugs!

Bed bugs are a significant problem for a whole host of reasons. For one, they are one of the most irritating pests that you can have from a personal comfort level. Knowing that creepy crawlers are hanging around your bed? Not great for your quality of sleep. At BBE, we regularly speak with home and business owners in Palm Harbor who have problems with bed bugs.

Given that around one-fifth of the population has dealt with bed bugs on average, this means over 12,200 people in Palm Harbor have had a problem with bed bugs at least once in their lives. So, if you are in that group of people, you need a solution. Waiting out bed bugs is simply not an option; you need a method of treatment that gets rid of bed bugs and ensures they do not come back anytime soon.

Bed Bug Exterminator Palm Harbor, FL

Bed Bug Heat Treatments In Palm Harbor

One of the most effective forms of treatment, then, is the use of heat treatment. At BBE, we are specialists in the delivery and application of heat treatment for bed bugs in Palm Harbor. This is the most effective form of bed bug removal as it gets right to the heart of the matter, wiping out bed bugs without any of the risks that tend to come with other forms of treatment – including chemical treatments.

We use heat treatment because it deals with bed bugs at every phase of their being. Bed bugs tend to breed and grow rapidly, meaning that a small group of young bed bugs can soon turn into a colony of adults who breed constantly. This turns a small problem of bed bugs into a real infestation that you need to be ready to deal with. Heat treatment, though, is impossible for bed bugs to avoid and dodge.

Other forms of treatment have been used for so long that bed bugs can find ways to avoid their colony being wiped out. That, though, is simply not the case when it comes to heat treatment. When we crack the temperature up to 145F, there is nothing that a bed bug can do to avoid being caught in the intensity of the heat. This kills off every bed bug, from young to adult, leaving none of the infestations behind.

Why Hire BBE For Bed Bug Treatment In Palm Harbor?

We understand that you might consider using a DIY option when it comes to dealing with bed bugs. Rest assured, though, that no DIY home heat treatment, DIY chemical treatment, or preventative measure, is as effective as our treatment. At BBE, we recommend you hire our team of specialists because we:

Provide a service that is thorough, effective, and proven to get rid of bed bugs without issue

Utilize Heat Assault, the most powerful and effective form of bed bug removal in Palm Harbor

These treatments are effective, and reliable, and only need to be carried out once for full removal

Treatment by BBE is guaranteed to provide peace of mind from bed bugs for 60 days minimum

 Use a treatment that is transparent, with every step of the process detailed to you for your insight

Never turn up and make a grand entrance; nobody needs to know you have a bed bug issue

Bed Bug Treatment Palm Harbor, FL

These reasons are a significant part of the process of getting rid of bed bugs in Palm Harbor. You can trust that our solutions are proven, and effective, and have been used by our team for years. With all of that experience and knowledge behind what we do, you can trust that the results we deliver will speak for themselves. Contact our team today to discuss arranging a property inspection for bed bugs ASAP.

The Five-Step Process To Erasing Bed Bugs In Palm Harbor

Thanks to our vast experience in wiping out bed bugs in Palm Harbor, we have a proven process that we know works. This process has been used by our team for years, working as effectively now as it did when we first got started. The result is a full removal of all bed bugs in your home for a minimum of sixty days. So, how do we get started? What do we do to get rid of your bed bug problem?

This five-step process has been used by our team for years we know that it does the job you would expect. This results in a process that is quick, easy, stress-free, and usually over requires one trip to the property. Then, you can look forward to having the bed bugs that are residing in your home or business removed completely. For peace of mind and the certainty of results, contact our team today for advice.

Things To Know About Bed Bugs In Palm Harbor

Bed bugs are curious creatures, but they are often misunderstood. Knowledge matters when facing off against such a pest, though, so we have put together a list of key questions you likely have about bed bugs. Unsure about something or need more detailed information? Contact us today for a consultation.

How Do I Know I Have Bed Bugs In Palm Harbor?

Bed bugs can be easy to spot by their physical presence, but they are often good at hiding from human sight. If you start to physically see bed bugs moving around your building, then it is likely the infestation is serious. To help you make the right call, we recommend you look out for signs including:

Brown or rust-colored marking appearing on your bedding or upholstery; this is blood or feces

Bitemarks appearing on your body, usually following a strict zig-zag pattern in a small area

A musky but sweet smell that sticks in the air and is both hard to mask and to ignore

Egg shells, dead bed bugs, or bed bug skin being found around your bed and furniture

If you spot one of these signs, then it is likely that you have bed bugs. If you spot more than one of these signs, then it is almost certain that you have bed bugs. Bed bugs should not be something that you ignore; the sooner you take action on any of these signs, the sooner the issue can be resolved.

What Makes Bed Bugs So Common In Palm Harbor?

Bed bugs are drawn to places like Palm Harbor because of the location. The proximity to the coast means that we benefit from exceptional weather; the kind of hot and humid weather that bed bugs adore. This is a serious issue and is a big reason why Palm Harbor has such a problem with bed bugs.

This is not the sole reason for the issue, though. Another key reason would be that bed bugs are a growing threat due to the number of developments in the area. This brings everything from construction teams to new employees, all commuting from other towns and cities that may bring bed bugs with them.

Bed bugs can latch onto our clothes and our bodies with ease, as well as our luggage. This means they can easily be transported from one location to the next. When you factor in the wealth of building developments and the climate, then, Palm Harbor is a haven for bed bugs with good reason.

How Can Bed Bugs Enter My Property?

Bed bugs can, as mentioned above, make their way into your property through people’s transit. Especially if you run a business in the retail or hospitality industries, the sheer volume of footfall can create the presence of bed bugs you want to avoid. While over 15% of the workforce of Palm Harbor work from home, you could bring bed bugs home from a simple hotel stay or even by visiting a local store.

Bed bugs also have a habit of traveling from one location to the next simply by moving around in large groups. They might come through the floorboards or the foundations of the building door. Or, they might make their way into your property through cracks or damage to the foundations.

How bed bugs get into your property is hard to quantify. Given that bed bugs can multiply in their hundreds in the space of the lifespan of one-bed bug, though, their presence should not be ignored. Once their numbers begin to expand and grow, you should take action to get rid of them ASAP.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Life-threatening? No. Harmful? Yes. Bed bug bites are sore; it is not uncommon to be awoken in the middle of the night with a bite from a bed bug. These creatures are out for blood, so they will continue to return to you and feast on your blood for as long as you allow them to reside on your property.

While the only real danger from a bed bug bite is an allergic reaction, being bitten by anything is not an enjoyable experience. Bed bugs might bite you and hurt you, yes, but the main issue is the fatigue caused by a lack of quality sleep. If you have bed bugs and find that you are struggling to get a good night’s rest, having the bed bugs wiped out by our Palm Harbor team might be your ideal solution.

Can I Kill Bed Bugs Myself?

You can try, but DIY bed bug solutions are ineffective. Heat treatment is not something that you can carry out yourself, either, due to the cost and the size of the equipment that is needed. At BBE, we recommend that you avoid trying to either wait out bed bugs or kill them yourself. You will waste valuable money on treatments and solutions that are simply not going to be effective in ridding your home of this problem.

Killing bed bugs on your own is often a time-consuming experience that yields inconsistent results. Most store-bought and online-purchased solutions or remedies might kill off a small group of bed bugs, but not them all. The average bed bug can create hundreds of eggs in its lifetime; this is a ‘whack-a-mole’ situation where killing one group of bed bugs likely means there is another group on its way.

Will The Infestation Go Away On Its Own?

No, a bed bug infestation will stick around for as long as there is blood. The only way to get the bed bugs to move on would be to abandon the property and come back months down the line. A bed bug that has just fed on blood, though, can live for months without feeding again. Given they breed so rapidly, too, waiting out a bed bug infestation is an unrealistic solution to the problem that you currently have.

Ignoring the problem rarely is a beneficial approach and this is especially true when facing off against bed bugs. These critters will hang around for as long as they can find access to some kind of feeding and sustenance. Waiting for the problem out is almost impossible, as is simply hoping they move on.

Why Should I Avoid Chemical Treatment For Palm Harbor Bed Bugs?

Chemical treatments for bed bugs in Palm Harbor are not recommended. These treatments are increasingly outdated an ineffective, as bed bugs can hide from the chemicals and avoid wiping out the colony. While you might kill some bed bugs using a chemical treatment, the numbers pale compared to heat treatment.

By contrast, heat treatment – such as Heat Assault – reaches temperatures of 145F. Despite enjoying the climate of Palm Harbor, bed bugs cannot survive in such intense heat conditions. Heat treatment, then, is far more effective in killing off the bed bugs in a timely and effective manner – without complications.

What complications? Consider the impact of pumping chemicals into your home. That can become very damaging to the atmosphere in your home and puts your health and well-being at risk. With that in mind, it is highly recommended that you avoid using chemical treatments; the results rarely justify the means.

Bed Bug Removal in Palm Harbor, FL

Do I Need To Get Rid Of Furniture Impacted By Bed Bugs?

Thankfully not. Furniture that has been impacted by bed bugs in Palm Harbor simply needs to be cleaned. This gets rid of any of their potential presence. Once heat treatment has been applied, you can look forward to the bed bug problem that you are dealing with becoming an issue of the past. Getting rid of bed bug-infested furniture is not required once heat treatment has wiped out the colony en masse.

Contact A Specialist In Bed Bug Heat Treatment In Palm Harbor

The last thing that you should do when dealing with bed bugs in Palm Harbor is wait. The longer you wait, the more times you will be bitten. As mentioned above, beg bugs do not move on for any reason other than facing wipeout. With heat treatment provided by BBE, you can put fear into that bed bug colony. We can be the solution that you need to get access to the most proven form of heat treatment in Palm Harbor.

Do not allow your bed bugs to become a permanent problem for your property. The sooner you work with our team at BBE, the quicker you can remove the problem and get back to enjoying a higher, happier quality of life. Contact us to first engage in an investigation and evaluation of your property. Should we find the signs of bed bugs being present, we will enact proven solutions to get rid of the problem ASAP.

Our team has a track record of wiping out bed bugs for a minimum of 60 days – though often much longer. Heat treatment is effective, humane, and better for the environment. Avoid the collateral damage and the risk that comes with heat treatment, and avoid wasting money on ineffective DIY treatments. Use a solution provided by the specialists here at BBE, and you can get rid of bed bugs for the long term.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we can get to work on putting a solution in place right away. Contact us to discuss any issues you have with bed bugs in Palm Harbor, and we can use heat treatment to eradicate the issue and leave you with much-needed peace of mind.

Specialist Support For Bed Bugs In Palm Harbor & Nearby

As bed bug eradication experts, we are proud of the work that we do and the support we provide to our clientele. This is delivered through extensive heat treatment empowered by Heat Assault, the market-leading solution. We handle all of Palm Harbor and the surrounding areas, including all neighborhoods within the city. This includes visiting popular neighborhoods in the city such as:

Heat Assault Treatment Palm Harbor

Reside or work outside of these neighborhoods? Do not worry, we cover the whole of the city. This includes all ZIP codes within Palm Harbor, including:

  • 34681
  • 34683
  • 34684
  • 34685
  • 34688

No matter the ZIP code you live within here, though, we can get to work on resolving the issue for you in a timely and professional manner. We also offer support to all nearby cities and communities close to Palm Harbor, including:

At BBE, our role is to protect the people of Palm Harbor from annoying problems and pests like the bed bug. If you are looking for a specialist who knows what they are doing, reach out to us today. regardless of your location in Palm Harbor and nearby cities, we are here to help you get the solution you need starting today.

Contact BBE to arrange an evaluation of your Palm Harbor property. Once we find the presence of bed bugs, we can deliver the most reliable and cost-effective treatment for Palm Harbor bed bugs. Do not allow the problem to fester: contact BBE for a solution that gets to the heart of the matter ASAP!