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Bed Bug Removal in Brandon, FL

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite With BBE, Brandon’s Bed Bug Specialist

As an individual living in Brandon, FL, you will undoubtedly have heard of bed bugs causing people problems. Bed bugs bother around 20% of the US population. Not only are bed bugs extremely annoying, but they are hardy and difficult to eradicate. That is why citizens in Brandon, a location with pretty significant issues with bed bugs, turn to BBE regularly.

Bed bugs are not a problem that will go away on their own. These blood-sucking critters will hang around your home or business for as long as you allow, feeding on blood from you, your family, and, if you run a business, any of your clientele or guests. Despite not being life-threatening, bed bugs can cause problems such as a lower quality of sleep, itchy and painful bites, and loss of business reputation. Therefore, getting rid of bed bugs in Brandon should be a priority for anyone who finds them!

As one of the twenty largest communities in Florida, Brandon has a population of around 114,000+. Residents know this is a wonderful place to live. The awesome climate and the tremendous opportunities that await personally and professionally make living here a fun experience. However, this means that tens of thousands of residents in Brandon will have dealt with bed bugs in their homes, places of work, or somewhere they have stayed as guests.

If you have dealt with this problem, you need a solution to make sure those bed bugs become a thing of the past. At BBE, we can offer you the perfect solution: heat treatment. Contact us today to discuss your bed bug treatment needs, and we can arrange a visit and consultation of your property to give you the best advice possible on how we can get rid of your bed bugs once and for all.

Bed Bug Exterminator Brandon, FL

Hire Brandon Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Today

Bed bugs are not creatures that are killed off easily. You can use home remedies, over-the-counter treatments, or long-term solutions such as chemical treatments. However, most of the typical treatments you might try are borderline useless when it comes to killing off bed bugs. That is why, when you want to get rid of bed bugs in Brandon, you should focus on using bed bug heat treatment.

At BBE, we recommend this treatment to anyone looking to kill off bed bugs. Bed bugs are a vicious enemy, a real pest, and will do absolutely nothing but cause you a headache. Other treatments might lessen the numbers or temporarily end the infestation, but it will not kill the bed bugs off entirely. Unfortunately, most treatments used for years have been proven ineffective.

Bed bugs have adapted to the treatments we have used for years, meaning that many ‘proven’ solutions no longer do the job they are supposed to. Heat treatment, though, is not something that bed bugs can adjust from. Why? We bring the property’s temperature up to 145F, which is enough to kill bed bugs at all stages of life. No hatchlings escaping, and no chance for bed bugs to avoid the chemical concoction.

Instead, they are forced to live in an environment so warm and inhospitable that even the bed bug cannot survive. Despite being almost perfect for the Brandon and Floridian climate, even bed bugs cannot sustain reaching persistent temperatures of up to 145F. This kills off the infestation once and for all. By using one of the most proven forms of bed bug heat treatment, Heat Assault, we guarantee results.

What Makes Bbe Your Ideal Brandon Bed Bug Treatment?

For one, we have lived in and around Brandon and the surrounding cities for years. We care about the community that we live in, and we want to make sure that it stays as free of bed bugs as possible. While these irritations can survive and even thrive in harsh conditions, we do everything we can to lessen the number of bed bugs bothering you and the good people of Brandon, FL.

Why, though, should you trust that BBE has what you need to get rid of those bed bugs once and for all? Why choose BBE as your solution for those pesky bed bugs?

We Get Results. With a 60-day guarantee, we ensure you get visible results when our team gets to work on eradicating your bed bugs.

We Work Fast. Removing bed bugs from your home or business should not be delayed; we work quickly to get rapid results.

We Take Precautions. Our staff are all trained in the expert of discrete, professional bed bug eradication, so you never have to worry about collateral damage.

We Are Fairly Priced. We ensure that our services are as easy to understand as possible from a pricing point so you know exactly what you are paying.

We Are Clean. By avoiding the use of damaging toxic therapies, we make sure that you never have to worry about the side effects of the treatment we provide.

We Arrive ASAP. Run into a bed bug problem and want to get rid of it NOW? Then BBE is ideal as we work quickly to complete the job promptly.

The Five Steps To Bed Bug Treatments In Brandom

At BBE, we use a proven five-step process that gets the job done and eliminates bed bugs at all stages of their life. To ensure the best possible results, we operate a proven methodology for treating and killing off bed bugs in Brandon.

Whether you are having problems with bed bugs in your Bloomingdale home or having an issue with these annoyances in your Providence Lakes business, we bring an effective solution. This includes using a five-step process which has worked for us in every kind of property we have encountered bed bugs in:

Key Facts About Bed Bugs In Brandon

Bed bugs are an invasive, annoying problem anywhere in your home. If you are sick of having them hang around, it might be time to take action. To help you know more about the bed bugs Brandon residents deal with, here are some key facts about bed bugs in Brandon.

Are Bed Bugs In Brandon Unique?

Thankfully not! Bed bugs are bed bugs, put simply. They are the same whether you run into them in Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, anywhere else in the USA, or anywhere else in the world. They are a hardy, invasive species that hang around our homes and businesses without a care in the world. The bed bugs that we deal with in Brandon, though, are not different from those that we encounter in places like Seffner or Riverview.

Brandon Seems To Have A Lot Of Bed Bugs! Why?

The main reason comes down to the heat – Florida is a hot, humid state, which is exactly what the bed bug likes. While we use a heat treatment for bed bugs, these critters are typically quite impervious to the heat. As such, they need to be given very severe treatment to kill them off and get rid of them once and for all.

Bed bugs are also common in Brandon because this town has a lot of hospitality. Therefore, many people come here from other locations to find a place to stay. This does not mean that hotels or hospitality venues in the city are dirty; bed bugs do not care about the conditions, just that they can find blood. With bed bugs sticking to our clothing and luggage, they are often brought into Brandon’s properties through people’s transit.

Given that Brandon is part of the Tampa Bay area, it should come as no surprise that the conditions here are more or less perfect for bed bugs. The average 62F heat in winter alone is impressive – the 85F summer temperatures are ideal for bed bugs. They can handle this kind of high heat to the point where it helps them to thrive. The fact the sun brings out easy access to skin parts where bed bugs can get their blood from, too, makes Brandon an especially perfect place for bed bugs to come and live.

Unfortunately, the beautiful weather we enjoy as part of living in Brandon is part of the issue. Brandon has a rare cold evening and receives plenty of rainfall, creating humid conditions that help bed bug colonies thrive. So, if you feel like bed bugs are common in Brandon, you would be right.

Bed Bug Removal in Brandon, FL

Are Bed Bugs Worse In Brandon Than In Other Parts Of Florida?

The same is true wherever you go in Florida, though. FL is one of the worst states in the USA for bed bugs due to the perfect conditions, the transient nature of the population, and the high tourism rates. Another factor that can play a role in their persistent presence in Brandon is the type of properties. While over half of the homes in Brandon are detached family homes, high-rise apartments make up around 31.5% of the properties in Brandon; high-rise apartments are perfect for bed bugs to thrive within.

Many of the homes in Brandon were built between the 1970s and 1990s, though, which means many of these homes are now reaching a natural state of repair where cracks in the foundations exist. This gives bed bugs the easiest way possible to get into homes. Even homes built after the year 2000, though, of which over 31% exist in the area, can suffer from bed bugs: again, the property condition does not matter, just the fact that people are present for bed bugs to feast on!

How Do Bed Bugs Enter My Property In Brandon?

For the most part, bed bugs get around due to the commonality of travel in the city. However, if your property is attached or semi-attached to another, it could be through this. Unfortunately, bed bugs can easily slip between cracks in your foundations, even between properties, to get access.

They could be arriving in your home via the floorboards or coming from an outside source. They might even be brought in by visitors, family members, guests, or even pets. In short, bed bugs will find a way to travel, whether on your person, through a pet, via luggage, or simply through marching from one property to the next. This is why bed bugs need to be eradicated: it is almost impossible to prevent their appearance in your home due to how hardy and travel-friendly they are.

Can Bed Bugs Damage My Property In Brandon?

With properties in Brandon, FL, costing an average of $210 per square foot, it makes sense that you want to keep that property intact. However, the ‘good news’ about bed bugs is that they are not here to feast on our foundations. You do not have to worry about bed bugs in Brandon damaging your home itself – it is our blood that they seek out, not wood or brick.

While they are happy to move into your property via your furniture, upholstery, and bedding, they are not here for that specifically. This makes it easy for them to access our homes and businesses. Bed bugs, though, will not damage your property – not in the slightest.

What Do I Need To Look Out For To Spot Bed Bugs In Brandon?

The most common signs that you are dealing with bed bugs as opposed to another pest like ants or termites include the following:

Signs of bite marks appearing on your body, especially on accessible areas when sleeping

Rust-colored spotting appears on your furniture, especially on your bedding

Dead bed bugs that have been squashed during sleep appearing on your bedding or furniture

Musky smells that hang around in the air that you do not recognize and cannot ignore

Eggshells being found on your furniture, flooring, and bedding – a sign of recent hatching

Visible bed bugs appearing and moving around, though this is only common during mass infestation

If you spot any of the above signs, it might be a sign that you have bed bugs. If you begin to see more or all of these signs, then it is a near certainty that you are dealing with bed bugs. Even if you spot one of these issues, calling BBE for a Brandon bed bug inspection would be wise. The sooner we can find the source of the bed bugs, the quicker we can get rid of them!

Can I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Using Chemicals?

You can try, but it is rarely, if ever, effective. Chemical treatments have become ineffective through a mixture of bed bugs adapting and the lack of practicality. You see, bed bug treatments like chemical treatments are easier to avoid for bed bugs. They can avoid having to take in that kind of chemical compound, moving to parts of your home, and waiting out the chemical warfare.

Bed bugs can go months without eating, too, so even the bed bugs caught in the crossfire of the chemicals will be replaced. To get rid of bed bugs properly, you need treatment that is proven effective at killing all bed bugs, not just those caught in the treatment.

That is why bed bug heat treatments are so effective. These treatments are more effective because they kill off all bed bugs and are safer for our homes and businesses. Heat treatments can often be carried out without having to change your day-to-day life, and there is no risk of collateral damage through chemical poisoning of you, your family, or your pets.

Bed Bug Treatment Brandon, FL

What About DIY Heat Treatments? Can I Use Bed Bug Heat Treatments Myself?

Given that bed bug heat treatments in Brandon are so popular now, people tend to look for ways to save money on treatment and care. However, you cannot kill off bed bugs using DIY treatments. You might think putting the heating up or using small rented heaters is enough. It is not. It would be best if you had a professional solution, such as Heat Assault, to help make sure the bed bugs are killed off properly.

Many people waste their time and money trying out bed bug heat treatments that are not strong enough. DIY treatments like this do not do the job that you expect and tend to provide poor value for money. It would be best if you had heat treatments that are strong enough to reach the 145F heat range. So, please, do not use DIY heat treatments: if you want proper value for your money, hire BBE to provide appropriate professional heat treatment for bed bugs – the results will speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brandon Bed Bugs

Still unsure about bed bugs? Then, you might find an answer to your question below. If you require more information, do not hesitate to contact BBE for insight and clarity on anything you need to know!

Can I Starve Bed Bugs Of Blood?

You can try, but it is almost impossible. You must sleep away from any potential bed bug presence for around 100 days. Bed bugs can go months without eating, so you must have incredible discipline to do this. It is quicker, simpler, and easier to kill the bed bugs simply.

Why Do Home Bed Bug Remedies Not Work?

They are either ineffective in the first place or can only kill off a small portion of the bed bug colony before the others get wise. When dealing with bed bugs in Brandon, we regularly hear of DIY treatments that have been tried that have only thinned the numbers or temporarily reduced populations.

Do Bed Bugs Mean I Am Sick Or Dirty?

Absolutely not! While they might seem like a surefire sign of uncleanliness, this is not the case at all. In fact, bed bugs can appear in brand-new properties and 5-star hotels as easily as they can in dilapidated and rundown properties. The bed bugs care about one thing: can they get blood from a human host?

Can Bed Bug Bites Kill Me?

No, but they can become infected or otherwise irritated if you continue to scratch the bed bug bites. These bites can be very sore and, in some people, can become quite inflamed and rise up, so you want to take that seriously and avoid touching them. If possible, have them cleaned and covered up.

Do Bed Bug Bites Carry Disease?

It would be an extremely rare and unfortunate case for someone to catch an illness or condition from a bed bug bite. However, if you are bitten and the bite looks serious, we would recommend having the bite checked out by a physician.

Do Bed Bugs Prefer Nighttime?

Yes, they do. Bed bugs tend to do most of their crawling around and bloodsucking at night. Not only are these the best conditions for them, but bed bugs also find it easier to get blood when sleeping.

So, Do Bed Bugs Hate The Light?

No, they have no problem with the light. Some have suggested leaving the lights on at night – that does not work. Our bodies produce an intoxicating level of carbon dioxide and heat when sleeping; bed bugs will be drawn to this far more than they would be put off by lighting.

Do Bed Bugs Only Live In My Bedding?

Unfortunately not. Despite the name, bed bugs are just as likely to be found on furniture like sofas. They also tend to hang around where they can escape, so look for cracks in the foundations and your baseboards. If they can escape to the safety of your house interior, they will. Bed bugs will live anywhere that allows them quick and easy access to your blood.

Why Does Heat Treatment Work If Bed Bugs Love The Heat?

As a Floridian, you also love the sun (we assume), but there will be days when you find the heat unbearable and need the AC on. Well, bed bugs are no different. They love hot and humid conditions, but with heat treatment, we give them too much of the heat they love. This kills them off from the inside.

What Can I Do To Learn More About Bed Bugs?

Easy! Check out our comprehensive guide to bed bugs in Florida. This will give you a better idea of what you are dealing with, breaking down the essential details about bed bugs so you know exactly what to look for. If there is something you do not understand about bed bugs, you will find it in that list!

Ready To Eradicate Those Bed Bugs In Brandon?

If you want to have your property checked out for bed bugs, you are in the perfect place to do that. At BBE, we offer bed bug treatments in Brandon for every kind of property. From hotel owners looking to save face and furniture shops having a problem with bed bugs to homeowners, the location does not matter. What matters is that we bring the best quality and standard of treatment.

Once we get started, we can guarantee peace of mind that your bed bug problem is a thing of the past. Once we get started, we ensure that all of these annoying bed bugs are killed off promptly and professionally. We use Heat Assault to guarantee results that last for a minimum of 60 days, all the while ensuring that there is no need for damaging chemicals and other issues that could cause problems in your home.

It does not matter where you are based in Brandon; we can help you get rid of your bed bugs promptly and professionally. BBE serves every neighborhood in the city, including places like

Heat Assault Treatment Brandon

If you have found bed bugs, or you think you have, call the BBE team today. We can arrange a consultation to come out, have a look, spot your bed bug problem, and ensure that it is dealt with as soon as possible – all without the risk of damage to your health or property.

So that you know, we cover ALL areas and parts of Brandon. This includes all key neighborhoods of the city, no matter where you are based. We also cover all of the ZIP codes in the city, including:

  • 33510
  • 33511
  • 33527
  • 33578
  • 33584
  • 33594
  • 33596
  • 33619

All ZIP codes are covered, so do not fear about where in Brandon you are based. What about if you are outside of Brandon? Well, we cover all nearby communities and cities close to Brandon, FL. This includes covering important cities and towns in the nearby area, such as:

Bed Bug Services Brandon