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Bed Bug Removal in Pinellas Park, FL

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Pinellas Park The Right Way With BBE

If you are one of the 53,000+ residents of Pinellas Park, you will be aware of how wonderful this city is. However, like every city in Florida, Pinellas Park residents are used to dealing with bed bugs. In fact, did you know that around 1 in 5 US citizens have dealt with bed bugs at least once in their life? This means that over 10,000 Pinellas Park residents have had to fight off bed bugs in their home or their business.

At BBE, we understand that bed bugs are an awful problem you want to deal with as soon as possible. Once bed bugs arrive on your property, you should take immediate action to get rid of the infestation. The first signs of a bed bug infestation can give you a good idea that you are dealing with a problem that has to be taken on and dealt with. However, conventional treatments rarely, if ever, work.

This is why you need a specialist to deal with bed bugs in Pinellas Park. You need a professional expert who can do the job for you in a timely manner, and without causing collateral damage to your home. At BBE, we are those experienced experts that you need. By using heat treatments for bed bugs in Pinellas Park, we make sure that your bed bug problems can soon become a problem of the past.

Contact BBE today to discuss any problems you have with Pinellas Park bed bugs. We can deal with bed bugs in any residential or commercial location in the city, so call us for expert advice!

Bed Bug Exterminator Pinellas Park, FL

End The Terror With Bed Bug Heat Treatments In Pinellas Park

Make no mistake, bed bugs are one of the most invasive and annoying species that you can deal with. Whether in your home or your business, bed bugs are a permanent fixture in your property until something is done. Since bed bugs feast on blood, they will not move along if there is a source of blood available. So, you need to take action and get rid of these pests by using effective, proven treatments.

That is why heat treatment for bed bugs in Pinellas Park is so popular. Unlike other forms of treatment, such as chemical treatments, heat treatment kills off bed bugs en masse. By using proven forms of heat treatment like Heat Assault, we make sure that the bugs are eradicated in the most efficient way possible. Heat treatment kills all life stages of the bed bug as opposed to simply focusing on a select few.

That means that you can look forward to getting rid of bed bugs from your property in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Bed bugs can ruin your quality of sleep, leave you with painful bite marks, and make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. For business owners, the presence of bed bugs can be a reputational nightmare that could cost you more than just a few unhappy clients. So, take action!

Contact the team at BBE to arrange heat treatment for bed bugs in Pinellas Park. Once we get started, we can make sure that you can see rapid results and enjoy peace when you go to sleep.

What Makes BBE Your Ideal Solution To Pinellas Park Bed Bugs?

We understand that selecting the right company to deal with bed bugs in Pinellas Park can be a confusing process. That is why we want you to know why you should hire our team. What makes BBE the perfect choice for you to get rid of those bed bugs in your home or business in Pinellas Park?

We have years of experience in dealing with bed bugs. No matter how extensive the infestation, we will have a solution to get rid of the bed bugs!

BBE operates across Pinellas Park, meaning you can get support and treatment for bed bugs everywhere, from Cross Bayou to the City Center.

We use the most proven forms of treatment that reduce any need for collateral damage, long-term shutdown of your property, and repeat treatment.

By using heat treatment, we make sure that bed bugs are wiped out for a minimum of 60 days. This removes the fear that your treatment is only short-term.

With our affordable pricing, you can get rid of bed bugs in Pinellas Park without having to invest a huge sum of money in the treatment for your home or business.

Our team arrives on-site discreetly, so you do not have to worry about the neighbors or anyone else talking about the fact you are dealing with bed bugs.

Transparency matters with us, so we keep you up-to-date with everything that we are doing so you know exactly what our treatment process involves.

Need rapid treatment and support for bed bugs in Pinellas Park? Fear not. We offer rapid inspections and quiet results when you need us to get started ASAP.

The Five-Step Solution To Dealing With Pinellas Park Bed Bugs

With our experience and knowledge of bed bugs, we make sure that you can always look forward to getting rid of the problem quickly and easily. However, to make sure that every job goes as smoothly as possible, we have developed a five-stage plan that helps us to get rid of bed bugs from any property.

The five-step process we use is just as effective in Country Haven as they are in Bonnie Glynn. No matter where you are or how intense the number of bed bugs is, our five-step process follows:

Bed Bugs: The Key Facts About Pinellas Parks’ Pest Problem

No matter where you live in Pinellas Park, you likely have heard of someone dealing with bed bugs. Indeed, around 97% of pest extermination teams in Florida have had to deal with bed bugs in the past year alone. They are a common, invasive species in this part of the world. Why? Let’s investigate.

Why Do Bed Bugs Feel So Common In Pinellas Park?

The main reason comes down to the location and the climate. Pinellas Park is a location that benefits from its stunning weather for much of the year. However, the hotness and humidity of Florida is also unfortunately just what bed bugs are looking for. So, our amazing weather makes bed bugs more common. Pinellas Park also has a very strong tourism industry, which attracts more bed bugs.

Bed bugs are brought into the city by people traveling. The bed bugs might hide on their clothes, on their luggage, or even on furniture that is being brought into Pinellas Park by transit. This means that the bed bugs then settle into the area, with the perfect conditions being just right for them to settle down and find their place in the city. This results in bed bugs being more common in Florida than in other states.

Pinellas Park in particular, though, can be rife with bed bugs for numerous reasons. The climate as well as the low elevation and closeness to water means that Pinellas Park can create the perfect conditions. Bed bugs want to thrive for as long as they can in the one place, and the density of population mixed with the environmental conditions means that Pinella Park is a ‘dream’ place for bed bugs to reside.

Are Bed Bugs In Pinellas Park A Risk To My Health?

While bed bugs are not likely to carry illness or infection, the bites they leave are nasty and painful. They tend to be the kind of bites that wake you up during the night. If the bite becomes inflamed or irritated, though, it could become infected, which would then mean medical treatment is needed to cure the cut. That is a problem that you should want to avoid!

Bed bugs, though, are not a risk to your health in terms of carrying conditions, and you might get some ticks or similar pests. Nor are bed bugs looking to eat your furniture, your carpets, or your foundations. They are here for one thing and one thing only: blood. Sadly, since we provide a constant source of blood, bed bugs will stick around. That is why treatment is so essential for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Removal in Pinellas Park, FL

Can I Treat Bed Bugs On My Own? What About Chemical Treatments?

Many people have tried – and failed – to use DIY remedies for bed bugs. You can try, but you can often find that results are inconsistent at best. Most of the time, you only kill off a small surface section of the bed bug infestation; the rest simply wait until the treatment has been used and cleared away before returning. Since bed bugs can last months without eating, waiting them out is not an option.

Chemical treatment is not an option, either. For the most part, bed bugs have adapted to overcome chemical treatments. These treatments are not only ineffective at killing off large infestations, but they tend to be damaging to the environment. Then, you need to add that chemical treatments for bed bugs in Pinellas Park require multiple visits and that your property must be closed down during usage.

So, treating bed bugs on your own is not recommended. Most of the time, you get disappointing results whilst still spending a significant sum on the treatment. Instead, it is better to invest in heat treatment for bed bugs in Pinellas Park if you want to see results that actually last for a minimum of 60 days.

How Do I Know I Have Bed Bugs In My Pinellas Park Property?

The most common signs that you are dealing with bed bugs in your Pinellas Park property include, but are not limited to:

Small bitemarks appearing on your arms that you cannot otherwise explain.

Bitemarks that appear in small lines or zig-zap shapes that are red and sore.

An odor that lingers in the air that is musky and hard for you to find the source of.

Small brown spots (feces) or red spots (dried blood) appear on your bed/furniture.

Egg shells and molted/shed skin are found lying around on your bed/furniture.

Visible bed bugs moving around when you hit your mattress or shake your furniture.

If you start to notice any of these problems, then unfortunately, it is quite likely that you are dealing with bed bugs in your home or business. If you want to get rid of the problem rapidly and effectively, you should turn to our specialist treatment. Ignoring bed bugs is not really an option; they will stick around for as long as you give them a source of blood. As soon as you spot the signs, contact BBE to investigate. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bugs In Pinellas Park

As experts in dealing with Pinellas Parks’ most prominent pest problem, we regularly get asked questions about bed bugs. Here are some of the most prominent questions that you likely have about bed bugs:

Why Should I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs? Are They Dangerous?

Bed bugs, while not dangerous to your health, can negatively impact your quality of life. They make your quality of sleep less consistent due to waking you up from the bites. They make it hard to get comfortable at night as you know bed bugs are moving around.

Getting rid of bed bugs should be a priority as soon as you discover their malign presence in your home. The sooner you contact us to get rid of these bed bugs in Pinellas Park, the better!

Can I Stop Bed Bugs Entering My Property?

To do this, you would need to seal up almost every potential gap in your property. Bed bugs can fit through everything from cracks in the foundations to hairline cracks from one property to the next. They easily transit from one property to another simply through the floorboards, or through gaps in your property. Stopping bed bugs from entering your property is almost impossible, unfortunately.

Given that over 60% of homes in Pinellas Park were built between 1970 and 1999, there are a large number of homes that have structural deficiencies through wear and tear. Sadly, these small gaps and cracks in our walls, windows, and floorboards make it easy for bed bugs to enter our properties. Around 25% of properties in the city are apartments, too, making it easy for bed bugs to move around freely.

Are Bed Bugs Attracted To Uncleanliness?

While a dirty home might have more bed bugs, you are as likely to find bed bugs in a high-class furniture store as you are a run-down old property. Bed bugs target places that are easily accessible, that provide their infestation with a place to reside, and where there is a constant source of blood to feast upon. The conditions are secondary to bed bugs; so, having bed bugs is not a sign of being dirty or unclean.

Are Bed Bugs More Common During The Night?

Yes, most people find that bed bugs in Pinellas Park especially are more commonly found during the evening. While serious infestations can see bed bugs moving around during the day, most bed bugs stay and wait until night. This is when you are asleep and thus give the least resistance to their biting. If you are spotting bed bugs during the day, though, it is a clear sign your infestation is getting out of hand!

Why Can I Not Just Starve The Bed Bugs?

You can try, but bed bugs can last for around 100 days on average without feeding. Since they can survive on the blood they take for a long time, bed bugs are very hard to starve or wait out. You would need to evacuate your home/business for months on end to get rid of the bed bugs. Also, since bed bugs constantly breed, their numbers rarely fall – they increase. So, waiting out the infestation is unlikely.

Can I Kill Bed Bugs By Turning The Heating Up?

While heat treatment for bed bugs in Pinellas Park is the recommended option, you need professional heat care. Simply bumping up the thermostat is not enough; bed bugs love heat, after all. What you need is heat treatment that kills the bed bugs by reaching temperatures that they cannot even stand. By hitting heat of around 145F, we make sure that our Heat Assault treatment for bed bugs does just that.

Are Bed Bugs Only Found In Beds?

If only! Bed bugs can be found in our luggage, on our clothing, and on any upholstery. You might even see them crawling around places like areas that give access to the floorboards or even around your baseboards. Bed bugs hang around in a great variety of locations; despite the name, bed bugs can be found in many parts of your home or business: this is why they appear in furniture stores as well.

How Can I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently?

Sadly, this is not really possible. Bed bugs are so invasive that they can easily reinvade your property. Someone could bring them in when traveling, or they could hitch a ride on your luggage or clothing. Therefore, you can find that infestations soon restart simply due to bad luck. With heat treatment for bed bugs in Pinellas Park, though, you can enjoy a minimum of 60 days of freedom from bed bugs!

Want to know more about bed bugs? Then, do not miss out on our comprehensive all-in-one guide to bed bugs in Pinellas Park.

Do You Want To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Pinellas Park Properly?

Whether you are based in Autumn Run, Skyview Terrace, Pine Haven, Bayou, or anywhere else in Pinellas Park, you deserve freedom from invasive pests. At BBE, we offer the service and solution that you need to finally get rid of bed bugs and look forward to a simpler, easier quality of life. Improve the quality of sleep that you get, reduce the risk of being bitten, and have peace of mind once and for all.

This is what we offer at BBE; a service that can tackle residential and commercial bed bug problems across Pinellas Park. By hitting that 145F temperature, we wipe out bed bug numbers en masse and make sure you no longer have to worry about their horrid presence on your property. This can make it easier to keep your home safer and avoid reputational damage to your business due to pests.

Bed bugs can appear anywhere in Pinellas Park. So, to make sure you get maximum support, we offer coverage for the whole city, including key neighborhoods in the city such as:

Pinellas Park Bed Bug Treatment
Heat Assault Treatment Pinellas Park

Rest assured that no matter where in the city you are, we are here to help you, support you, and get rid of your bed bugs in the most efficient manner. By using heat treatment for bed bugs, we make sure that the problem you are facing becomes a thing of the past. I’m not sure if we cover where you are. Don’t worry – we cover all major ZIP codes in the city, including:

  • 33702
  • 33709
  • 33714
  • 33716
  • 33760
  • 33762
  • 33773
  • 33777
  • 33780
  • 33781
  • 33782

What about if you live outside of Pinellas Park and have bed bugs? This is not a problem for BBE. Covering the majority of Tampa Bay and wider Florida, we are happy to provide bed bug heat treatments in nearby cities as well, such as:

Your Pinellas Park Bed Bug Free Home

No matter where you are having problems with bed bugs in Florida, contact BBE today. We can arrange an affordable investigation and heat treatment service that can bring this problem to an end and get rid of the bed bugs in your home or business once and for all!