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John Wieber

As the strategic linchpin in the midfield for BBE, my role is crucial in optimizing onsite processes, systems, and efficiencies for peak pest control performance. Leading the charge in local SEO and marketing, I ensure smooth integration and communication flow between marketing, development, and our field technicians. My participation is wide-ranging, from strategic planning in board meetings to hands-on collaboration on-site, showcasing the diverse nature of my involvement.

Driven by an inquisitive mindset, my approach is to delve into the mechanics of each operation, constantly seeking ways to improve outcomes, speed up processes, and elevate results. This relentless curiosity has been instrumental in crafting customized, high-efficiency systems that not only bolster our client’s online visibility and conversion rates but also significantly improve the customer experience, thereby positively impacting our bottom line. With 30 years of entrepreneurial spirit, marked by a journey of more failures than successes, I’ve amassed invaluable lessons that now serve as a rich reservoir of knowledge for BBE. These experiences have honed my resilience and sharpened my strategic vision, enabling me to contribute profoundly to BBE’s success. Every setback has been a stepping stone to innovation and improvement, ensuring that we stay ahead in delivering exceptional pest control solutions and customer service.