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Chase Matthews

Chase Matthews

Chase Matthews is currently making strides as an Exterminator at Bed Bug Exterminator, where his dedication and meticulous work ethic are setting new standards in pest control excellence. Prior to joining the pest control industry, Chase honed his management skills in the recycling business, overseeing transportation and the reclamation of a diverse range of materials including batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and tires. This role sharpened his customer service abilities, a skill he deeply values and continues to excel in through daily interactions with people.

Chase’s work philosophy is underpinned by his diligent, perfectionist nature. He possesses an insatiable desire to learn and improve, a trait that drives him to absorb as much knowledge as possible to enhance his efficiency and effectiveness in every task he undertakes. His proficiency with technology and knack for problem-solving further complements his role, enabling him to tackle challenges with innovative solutions.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Chase is deeply passionate about his hobbies. He is an avid golf enthusiast, a semi-professional video game player, and values quality time with friends. These interests not only provide him with a well-rounded life but also fuel his drive to excel professionally.

At the core of Chase’s ambitions is a commitment to helping others. He aims to provide peace of mind to those he serves by ensuring he does everything within his power to meet their needs thoughtfully and thoroughly. Chase’s blend of technical savvy, customer service excellence, and a dedicated work ethic makes him a valuable asset to Bed Bug Exterminator and the clients he serves.