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Carrie Pike

Carrie Pike

Carrie Pike has built a commendable career in pest control, rooted deeply in her Floridian residency since 1991. Her journey in the pest management industry began to notably ascend in 2013 when she achieved her Certified Pest Control Operator license from the State of Florida, a testament to her dedication and expertise in the field.

Upon receiving her certification, Carrie took on significant roles that utilized her specialized skills and knowledge. She served as a Certified Operator for a prominent pest control company based in Fort Lauderdale, where she honed her ability to manage a variety of pest-related challenges with efficiency and effectiveness. Carrie’s expertise also led her to work with a leading mosquito control company in Orlando, further broadening her scope of pest management capabilities and reinforcing her status as a versatile professional in the industry.

Before her certification in 2013, Carrie was already laying the groundwork for her successful career. She worked as a technician for a lawn and pest control company in Cape Coral, Florida. This role was crucial in building her foundational knowledge and skills in pest control and lawn care, setting the stage for her future achievements.

Carrie’s comprehensive experience spans across multiple facets of pest control, with a particular emphasis on bed bug extermination. She possesses vast knowledge of bed bug extermination techniques and treatments, making her a valuable asset in the fight against these challenging pests. Her expertise is not only rooted in practical application but also in an in-depth understanding of the behavior and biology of bed bugs, enabling her to develop and implement highly effective control strategies.

Carrie Pike is currently a valued team member at BBE Bed Bug Exterminator, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. In this role, she is actively broadening her extensive knowledge base in pest control while contributing significantly to the company’s growth initiatives. Her continuous pursuit of learning and professional development enhances her already deep understanding of pest management, particularly in bed bug extermination. Carrie’s expertise and dedication are instrumental in driving BBE’s expansion and success, demonstrating her commitment to both her personal growth and the company’s objectives.

Throughout her career, Carrie Pike has demonstrated a profound commitment to excellence and innovation in pest management. Her contributions to the field, underscored by her extensive knowledge and experience, have made her a respected figure among her peers and clients alike. Carrie continues to serve the Bradenton, Florida, community with dedication, leveraging her skills to create safer, pest-free environments for all.