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Allan Bossel

Allan Bossel serves as an Operations Expert at BBE Bed Bug Exterminator, where his extensive experience in bed bug and pest control significantly contributes to the company’s operational excellence. Before joining BBE, Allan founded Michigan Bed Bug Specialists, a testament to his depth of knowledge and expertise in the field. His background is rich with over a decade of professional pest extermination and meticulous lab work, underpinning his comprehensive understanding of pest behavior and control strategies.

Allan is not only proficient in handling state-of-the-art pest control machinery with 10 years’ experience working with Heat Assault commercial equipment but also holds a license from the State of Michigan as a commercial pesticide applicator, specializing in general insect control and mosquitoes. His commitment to professional development is evident through his continuous training, ensuring he remains at the forefront of pest control technology and methodologies.

At BBE, Allan is leveraging his operation expertise to broaden the company’s capabilities and enhance its service offerings. His role is pivotal in driving BBE’s growth and ensuring the highest standards of pest control services are delivered to clients, marking an exciting phase of expansion and innovation within the company.